Prepare your perineum for birth

Prepare your perineum for birth

One of the most beautiful tasks that has always been the woman's task is to carry on her cheeks and then give birth to those who represent the "future".

Pregnancy at birth, period of lausiness
While we enjoy the miracle of conception, as a gift of destiny, our body goes through a period of major changes. The volume of the uterus increases significantly, and the weight of the fetus is also increasing.
During the nine months, when we stand upright, these cumulative weight gains are felt in the muscles of the small size of the perineal floor.
The birth
During labor, the baby, advancing down the birth canal, presses more and more on the blood vessels of the vagina and the nearby tissues.
Their ability to transport nutrients decreases, which on the one hand is good, as we are feeling less and less what is happening in this area (think about an episiotomy, which can be performed even without anesthesia!), on the other hand, the tissues that have become insufficiently nourished are less elastic, respectively more fragile.
During the push, the more elastic the tissues, the less the birth will affect them. In this interval, the muscles that are required, until then, are exposed to an expansion of extreme dimensions.
The diameter of the vaginal muscles should increase 10-12 times. This is a transformation that no other muscle is capable of.
If we take care and are predictive, with the help of muscles trained in time, during birth we are able to leave the baby free and at the same time to ensure a good functioning of our perineum and in the future.
In the period of laziness, that is in the six weeks after birth, the muscles that have gone through the dilation process are weak and need regeneration.
If during this time the body is undergoing stresses - such as the fitness that shakes and subject the abdominal organs to vertical pressure, or physical labor, forced urination, incorrect posture of the body - then the ligaments that support the uterus, bladder and intestine thick spread easily.
For nine months your body is preparing for the big event: the birth of the child. After all, the body needs time and care to be fit again!
Training and recovery - Kriston pelvic-perineal gymnastics
The Kriston method was specially developed for the development and maintenance of pelvic-perineal muscles, taking into account the health of the abdominal organs especially during periods of menstruation, pregnancy, menopause.
It contains not only exercises but also a wide range of knowledge for maintaining and regaining health. The techniques improve the blood circulation throughout the abdomen, the functioning of the organs is strengthened, sexual activity and youthful vigor can be maintained!
According to the measurements made in Szent Rokus hospital, Hungary, by correct and regular execution of the recommended training, the muscle of the perineal slab is capable of an increase of the strength of the tightening by 132% in just 10 weeks.
A trained muscle is easier to control and performs better throughout the birth process, being more elastic and firmer than untrained muscle. Delayed more easily, and given that it remains with fewer injuries, after birth, it will regenerate faster and more efficiently.
Courses - The Kriston Method
During the courses the pelvic floor is moving, but with great gentleness, considering that it is working with a series of muscle groups that are still a taboo subject among women and with which we have no visual contact.
By correct and regular execution of the personalized training - 10 minutes a day - the muscle of the perineal floor is capable of an increase of the 132% in the only 10 weeks. The techniques improve the blood circulation throughout the abdomen, the functioning of the organs strengthens, increases the resistance to infections.
For sustained effects, we learn to pay special attention to the daily habits: the nutrition and consumption of fluids, the correct keeping of the body, the habits of urination and defecation, the lifting of weights, etc.
We talk about the importance of body weight, sexuality, about the vaginal mucosa, constipation, protective sports for women, protection of blood vessels, etc. We also allow time for awareness of the importance of emotional balance, as well as the harmonious relationship between mind, body and soul.

Benefits of perineal gymnastics

The Kriston method brings the following benefits, every moment of a woman's life:
Period of pregnancy
  • preparation of the muscles during dilation, the trained muscle is more elastic and regenerates after dilation faster
  • birth preparation: labor techniques and protective relaxation of the perineum
  • rehabilitation of the perineum after birth, even in the case of episiotomy
    Menstrual problems
  • improvement of pre-menstrual discomfort
  • calming menstrual cramps
  • reduction of bleeding
    Pre-menopausal period
  • prevention of drying and thinning of the vaginal mucosa
  • prevention of muscle weakness
    Digestive problems
  • stimulation of digestion, prevention of constipation and bloating
    Sex life, Couple life
  • increased availability to orgasm and increased libido
  • decreased predisposition to inflammation in the basin area
  • regulation of vaginal mucosal secretion (vaginal aridity)
  • increasing the capacity of conception
  • fortification of the basic tone of the vagina
    Involuntary leakage of urine
  • cessation of symptoms caused by urinary incontinence
  • re-education of the pelvic-perineal muscles
    Prolapse of internal organs, hernias
    Prevention and improvement:
  • bladder prolapse and urethra (cystocele and urethrocellus)
  • uterine prolapse (hysteroptoosis)
  • prolapse of the rectum (rectocel)
    Anal problems
  • stop the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids
  • prevention or rehabilitation of fecal incontinence
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