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Complexation due to weight

Complexation due to weight


- I have a girl of 12 years and it is very complex because she is a little fat. The children of the school contribute a lot to this fact, I always encourage her to tell her how beautiful she is, how fine and intelligent she is. I show her all the other qualities she has, so do everyone in the family, but sometimes she reproaches her father for resembling him and not me being a slimmer woman. I don't know how to proceed with it. How do I approach it and help it?


What you are telling me is not something out of the ordinary of this age; Unfortunately, the models offered by the media and the TV, the society in general, are those of women size "0".
Even more so at the age of puberty, if you do not adhere to the "standards" imposed, it is much harder for you (it is an age at which you cannot analyze the information, adapt it to your person).
The most advisable would be to enhance your daughter by training her in activities in which she can showcase her qualities, skills and abilities; to feel admired, in the center of attention.
Don't forget about sports - it shapes not only the body, but also the mind and a healthy way of life (I mean a balanced diet based on the consumption of vegetables and fruits and the advice of a nutritionist).