Need for fluids in infants

Need for fluids in infants


- I have a girl of 6 months and 3 weeks born with the weight of 3,700 kg. At the moment it weighs 8,500 kg. I read that at this age a baby must consume 800 grams of milk a day, without food. My little girl does not eat the 800 grams a day consuming around 700, including the night meal that she has not given up yet. Besides milk, consume at 10 o'clock fruit or a table of fruit natural juice made in the house about 50-60 gr and at lunch a meal with vegetables, more than 2 times a week. Is it a problem that my little girl does not consume 800 grams of milk a day? Is it a problem that I have not yet introduced water into its diet by replacing it with tea or fruit juice?


After 6 months, most infants only consume 400-600 ml of milk a day.
The diversified diet gradually replaces the exclusively dairy diet of the previous months.
Milk is still an important and indispensable food for the proper development of the baby, but alone, it can no longer provide the nutritional needs specific to this age.
Thus, the consistent foods are those that bring into the diet an adequate supply of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and not least of dietary fiber.
It is not necessary for the baby to consume water, as long as the liquid needs is covered with tea or fruit juice.