Halloween costumes for girls

Halloween costumes for girls


A scepter made of plasticine and the shiny stones of plastic give a regal air to this princess costume.
The costume can be made in the afternoon or evening before Halloween.

What do you need

A 30 cm wooden log;

Purple watercolors;

Pink and silver ribbons;

A rubber cord;

A carton of eggs;

Plastic stones or sequins;

A sticky collar;

A piece of fluffy and shiny material;

6 cm of lace for hem;

Glues for material;

6 cm of ribbon;

Needles, bolds and pink thread;

Silver cord for hem;

2 staples;

30 cm of sponge material;


Elastic lace.
Materials: beads, plasticine, egg cartons, watercolors, ribbon.


To make the magic wand paint the onion in purple. After drying, apply a ribbon bow to the top of the stem and attach it tightly with a cord.
The next step is to put the onion in the top of a box in the egg carton. Then put the plasticine on it and shape it by hand.
Then, in plasticine, put shiny plastic stones and let everything harden overnight.
To make the shirt from the lace, tighten the collar, then apply dots of paint with puff all over the shirt front.
As soon as it dries, decorate the back of the shirt. Next, glue the lace to the hem around the shoulders and cuffs (it is easier if you attach the cuff to a plastic paper).
To make the skirt with ruffles, cut the ribbon for the waist. Then, using a needle, apply a double-width cord to the skirt. The skirt of the skirt will be made of silver cord. You can use a cord to bring your little girl well dressed.
To make the royal hat, take a piece of cardboard and stick it in the shape of a cone, then glue the hat of the hat and put the ribbon on the edge. To look like a princess hat, wrap the cone in the rope and attach it to the cone.
To complete the outfit, tell your little princess to apply her turtleneck and dress in a pair of mulched pants. Then put on her skirt, hat and - yes! - give him the magic wand.

The Little Mermaid

A print material with fish scales, sewn in the form of a tail, transforms the little one into a charming mermaid.
The costume can be made in the afternoon or evening before Halloween.

What do you need

A letter T for children;

Tea bags;


Peach color cloth;

Paint for materials;

Paint brushes;

Glue gun;

Double band;

Printed material with fish scales;




Nylon for lining;

Blue wool material (24/24 cm);

Safety pins;




Cut two peach canvas cases. Draw lines on paint boxes for materials.
After drying, use glue and double tape to attach the cases to the blouse.
To make the queue, if you have printed material with scales, skip to the next step. If not, place the material on a flat surface, then draw the scales and let it dry.
Draw a mermaid tail pattern on a sheet of paper (make it very long; your baby's feet should reach only the narrowest part of the tail).
Use paper to cut two tail parts from materials (one for the back and one for the front). Sew the front of the back on the back, then make a hem for the bottom of the tail and return it to the front. Fill the bottom of the tail with nylon.
Dress the girl and then attach on the mermaid tail around the waist a rope with which to adjust the tail to his waist. Then tighten the cord.
To make the stroller cover, wrap the entire stroller in a blue material and secure it with safety pins.
To create the impression that above the trolley are waves, sew a satin material on the hood with a wave edge at the bottom. Fill it with material, then secure it to the top of the stroller.
If you like, decorate the trolley case with marine creatures such as fish, sea stars and corals made from sponges and sea horses made from bagpipes. Attach them to the material using glue or double tape.


If you cannot find a print material with fish scales you can use a simple material. You can paint the scales on the material. Place the simple material on a flat surface so as not to mistake when painting. Let it dry and then proceed to the next step.


Made of red and black material, this outfit is comfortable, but also very cute.
The costume can be made in the afternoon or evening before Halloween.

What do you need


Evening knife;

Needle and thread;

Glues for material;

Black band;

0.5 cm red cloth and 0.5 cm black cloth;

1.5 cm of black elastic;

Polyester for lining;


Two hooks made of gaitan (metal wire or cord);

Two pampas;

A black hat;

Black collar collar;

Black socks and shoes.
Material: belly.


To make the carapace, cut a circle of red cloth and one of the black circle with a diameter of about 45-48 cm. (We measured on a large, round serving platter.)
Join the circles and sew the upper portion on one side and the lower portion at approximately 2 cm edges leaving one side open. Turn the right side.
From black canvas, cut the line between wings and six black dots with a diameter of about 1.5 cm.
Use glue for the material to attach to the red side. Allow the glue to dry.
Cut two pieces of cardboard so that they fit the back of the shell that is about 2-3 cm.
Slip the cardboard into the covers. Give four holes in black canvas with a small knit knife underneath and through the cardboard. Bunch pieces of elastic through holes leaving 4 strings - the top two will come over the child's shoulders, and will cross on his chest and then will be tied to the two bottom pieces that will come around the waist. Use some tape to fasten the cardboard elastic straps inside the shell so that it does not come out.
Add a few polyester hands in the covers, first filling the space near the edges and the red top and not the space between the cardboard and the black material. Thus, the part below will remain the payment. Then sew the edges.
To make the cap, wrap one end of each hook in a tight bagpipe around a pampon and bend the end so it doesn't come out. Swell the pamphlet until the hook is no longer visible.
Turn the hat borer down, take a look at the other end of the hook about 0.5 cm and use the black strip to attach the eye to the hat. Turn the boron back in place to cover the tape. Repeat the same operation on the other side.

Minnie Mouse

Allocated duration: Between 2 and 3 hours.

What do you need

Pieces of pink canvas - 30 by 27 cm;


Double band;

Hooded blouse and training pants;

Glues for material;

Two pink canvas circles with a diameter of 15 cm;

2 circles of white and gray canvas with a diameter of 27 cm;


Thick cotton cord;

Face paint (optional).
Materials: Training blouse.


Cut the pink canvas into an oval shape and attach it to the front of the double-striped train blouse.
To create the ears, glue the pink canvas circles in the middle of the white or gray ones.
After drying, cut a piece of white or gray circles as a piece of pie. Then, overlap and glue the cut pieces to create a conical ear. Attach the ears to the hood of the double-band training blouse.
To make the tail, attach the thick cotton cord with the back of the train pants, then pull the hem of the train blouse for the band.
If you want, use paint for the face to add a mouse nose and mustache.

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