Choosing well

Choosing well

You need to find someone who is old enough, but who can have fun with the child. Specialists say no one under 16 should be allowed to care for a small child.
Children age at different ages, so you will decide whether or not a teenager has the necessary skills.
Finally, you can best appreciate the capabilities of an individual and the kind of person your child needs.
Age is not the only aspect to be considered. If you don't know a good potential, ask them to bring you references and then contact those people.
Your boss should know how to give first aid or be willing to take a first aid course. If you use a good regularly, it might be a good investment for you to pay for the first aid course.
You need to be able to trust your good, especially when you are facing emergency cases because she has to know who to call and how to proceed.
Obviously you should not smoke and drink or invite friends to your home without consulting you in advance.
What questions should I ask a potential bone?
The first thing you should ask your boss is if he has references. There are other questions you may want to ask:

  • If you have experience in child care?
  • If he knows how to give first aid to a small child in case of emergency?
  • Should I be willing to attend a first aid course?
  • What do you like most about this job?
  • What would you do if you didn't know how to proceed in a certain situation?
  • What kind of activities would keep the child busy?
    Remember that any question is relevant when it comes to the safety and well-being of your child.
    How much should I pay?
    The price per hour depends on several factors - from where you live to how big the child is and for how many children you need a nanny.
    Ask neighbors and other parents how much they pay for such services and set a price. Her references should help you decide what price to offer.

    Preparing the bun

    How can I prepare a good one?
    The first time a good person works for you, you oppose the request to arrive longer before you leave. This will take time to get to know you better, to know your home and of course to know your child.
    It is good to call her to play a few times with your child when you are at home. Use this time to do your homework and if you need to be there.
    This is a good approach especially if the nanny does not have much experience in child care.
    Make sure you give her all the information she needs, from emergency numbers (your neighbors, your doctor) until you have to eat your baby in the fridge.
    Tell him what time you want the baby to fall asleep. Explain to him what is allowed and what is not allowed to do the little one and what is his daily program.
    Leave her the address and the phone number where she can find you, if she cannot contact you through your mobile phone. Show him where all the things he needs are located.
    How do I establish a good relationship with my boss?
    Treat your mistress correctly. He does not ask them to do anything other than take care of the child because otherwise you have to raise the price.
    Her responsibility is to keep your child safe and happy. On the other hand, you must leave the house as clean as it found it.
    Make sure you treat your boss as a mature person. If you are old enough and old enough to be left alone, unattended with your child, then you must take it seriously if you ever complain.
    Remember to always leave some food and drink for her, especially if she will have to stay with the child longer.
    Alina Sica