Breast nodule and pregnancy

Breast nodule and pregnancy


- I want a baby, but I have a problem in the left breast. For about 5 years I found that I have a knot. I went to oncology and consulted. I was told it was benign, but was advised to operate if I want to have a baby. I asked for another advice and I was told that I should not operate because after the first birth I disappear by myself. Please help me and give me some advice. Thanks!


The subsequent evolution of the nodule depends on its nature. In order to find out its exact nature, a biopsy aspiration can be made with the extraction from the node level of a tissue fragment that is analyzed anatomically-pathologically. If the nodule appeared against the background of a hormonal disorder (mainly due to disorders of the sex hormones), it is possible that with the pregnancy (and thus resting the ovaries) this node will regress.
If the values ​​of the sex hormones are not compatible with the physiological processes that result in the formation and development of a subsequent pregnancy, then it will probably be necessary to follow a contraceptive treatment that will have the same purpose, to put the ovaries to rest and to adjust artificially the concentrations of sex hormones, which could result in a decrease in the size of the nodule until its disappearance. Through surgery, the nodule can be removed, but if hormonal disorders persist, no one can guarantee that another will not occur (this happens in the case of a node developed based on these hormonal disorders).
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Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology -
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