Child development in the first year of life

Child development in the first year of life


- We have a boy of 3.5 months, who was born prematurely at 7 months with 2kg. Now he has 5050g and 57cm, he eats 5 meals of about 100 ml milk (powder) and 60 ml carrot juice with pulp. Does he get enough to eat? Does it fit in the growth chart? We also mention that during the meal weep a lot and we must insist a lot for the table.


The growth rate in the first year of life is:

  • 750 g in the first 4 months
  • 500 g in the next 4 months (5-8 months)
  • 250 grams in the last 4 months (9-12 months)
    Thus a baby born with 2 kg, should at 4 months have 2000g + 750x4 = 5000g. So your boy had a very good growth rate.
    The fluid requirement at this age is 150ml / kg body, ie 150x5kg = 750ml / day liquids. This amount can be covered by milk, fruit juice and tea.
    Each milk formula has on the package the recommended quantity according to the age and instructions regarding the dilution and the preparation method. It is good to strictly respect the dilution indicated on the package; if you want to give her more milk, prepare a larger quantity but in no case is it better to increase the concentration.
    Give him the amount of milk indicated on the box, appropriate to the age of the child, but if he refuses to consume the whole quantity do not insist. Fill with fruit juice and tea, until the required daily fluids are reached.