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Nutrition in 10 months old baby

Nutrition in 10 months old baby


- My baby is 10 months old. Up to nine months I had problems with constipation. Now we have not eaten apples and bananas with biscuits instead we have a table of pears with biscuits in the morning and the problem of constipation has been solved. He even does 3 times a day chair. I would like to ask if we can daddy pears and what other fruits we can daddy in 10 months. I tried to import nectarines and plums but I understood that they are not too healthy. We also have papaya and kiwi and we like it but we have heard that fruit with seeds is not allowed.


In principle, at the age of 10 months, the baby can receive any kind of fruit if the following are taken into account:

  • the fruits should be fresh, well ripe
  • not to contain seeds, shells or coddles with which the child can drown; in this sense, the shells, seeds and tails will be removed before giving them to the baby
  • if the baby does not know how to chew well yet, the fruit will be crushed or crushed; whole apples or pieces will be offered with great caution because the baby can suffocate with a piece of apple, so to those who do not know how to chew the apple very well will be given in the form of mashed or given by grating
  • some fruits such as strawberries, strawberries, apricots can cause allergies, especially in children who have a predisposition for allergic disorders; in such children it is better to avoid such fruits
  • to watch if the baby tolerates a certain fruit; if you notice the appearance of diarrhea, abdominal colic, rash after eating a type of fruit, these will be avoided further.
    Alina Pop-Began
    - Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care -
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