- I have a problem with a candidate. The doctor prescribed 5 washes a month with yellow tea and bicarbonate. Questions: Can I get rid of this candidate again? If so, how? Due to it, brown and viscous leaks (accompanied by blood vessels) near the date of ovulation? Thanks in advance for the answers!


Candida is a fungus present on the skin and mucous membranes of the body. This fungus causes infection only when there is an imbalance between the immunity of the body and this candidate: either the immunity of the body decreases or the candida multiplies too much. This multiplication occurs frequently after antibiotic treatment.
A recurrent candidiasis can have several causes:

  • low immunity of your body (most likely taking into account the associated disease - diabetes)
  • long-term or frequent use of antibiotics
  • incorrect or incomplete treatment (non-treatment of the partner)
  • a resistance of this fungus to the usual antifungal.
    Infectious (long-lasting) candida infection can cause, over time, a continuous aggression on the vaginal mucosa, which can become more sensitive to other infections. Therefore, the correct and complete treatment of candidiasis is indicated. For this purpose, an antibiogram would be helpful (this is an analysis that is done with the vaginal secretion culture and that determines exactly which drugs are effective for the candidate strain with which you present the infection).
    It is important to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations, and to complete the treatment, as long as the doctor has recommended it even if the symptoms disappear sooner. The treatment of the partner is necessary to prevent re-infection. Throughout the treatment period, sexual contact is prohibited.
    A therapeutic possibility could be the administration of Mycosist 150 mg tb III. These are administered per bone (on the mouth) one daily for three days for both you and your partner; but their administration should be performed only at the indication of the attending physician. Once this infection has been resolved, it would be advisable to consult your family doctor to investigate and remove possible causes of candidiasis (conditions or treatments that reduce immunity, use of antibiotics, corticosteroids, etc.).
    Good health!
    Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
    - Obstetrics and Gynecology -
    Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu