Welcome to the world !, a Save the Children Romania campaign

Welcome to the world !, a Save the Children Romania campaign

Second year of campaign to support children born prematurely

Save the Children Romania has provided 15 maternities and continues the campaign to reduce infant mortality

The organization Save the Children has launched, for the second year in a row, the campaign to equip maternity and newborn sections "Welcome to the world".

Starting from the statistical data (INS) according to which in Romania die annually, on average, 1900 children under the age of one year, the organization Salvati Copiii aims to support 25 motherhoods with incubators, in order to help prevent mortality. and to support pregnant women and mothers in 15 communities to bring healthy children to the world and help them raise their children.

The fundraising campaign runs from October 18, 2013 - January 15, 2014 and the general public can do SMS donations to 8833 (2 euros) and on the website

1900 children under the age of one year die annually in Romania

"Welcome to the world! It is a special and exciting campaign, unfortunately for us in the country too many babies do not have the chance to live. we show that donations can have a direct result, but also a long-term effect on the number of lives of children saved. We encourage all Romanians to contribute with donations via SMS and on our website because, indeed, through the purchased incubators, we increase the chance for the lives of our children, "said Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President of the Save the Children Romania Organization.

The funds obtained through this campaign will be used by Salvati Copiii to equip 25 maternities in the cities: Pitesti, Bacau, Brasov, 3 maternities in Bucharest, Buzau, Resita, Caransebes, Constanta, Craiova, Segarcea, Petrosani, 2 maternities in Iasi, Targu-Mures, Roman, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Suceava, Vatra Dornei, 2 maternities in Timisoara, Vaslui and Focsani.

Although the infant mortality rate in Romania decreased significantly in the period 1990-2012, as a percentage, as well as absolute figures, 8471 deaths in 1990, 2250 in 2009 and 1812 respectively in 2012, Romania remains in the first place in the European Union , with a infant mortality rate of 9 per 1000 live births in 2012 (according to the National Institute of Statistics). In our country, a child younger than one year dies every 5 hours, and the main cause of infant mortality is premature births. Mortality, as well as life expectancy, reflects the standard of living and education of a population, access to medical services, the progress of medicine and public health.

One third of these deaths can be prevented by developing support programs for mothers and children and by equipping maternal and newborn wards with high-quality medical equipment.