Daily consumption of yogurt helps maintain health

Daily consumption of yogurt helps maintain health

Danone launches the educational campaign "1 yogurt a day, your health will keep you", with the objective of informing Romanians about the importance of yogurt as part of a balanced daily diet. The campaign was launched as part of an event attended by Prof. Dr. Nicolae Hancu, Honorary President of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, representatives of the media and social media.

The "1 yogurt a day" campaign will run from November 2013 to December 2014 and is considering actions to inform the general public through TV, print and online media, but also social media, which will encourage consumers to make the most appropriate choices to maintain their health. The campaign also includes nutrition courses for young people and children, as it is well known that good habits occur at a young age. The first stage of the campaign involves those who consume yogurt to share their personal stories in the dedicated online application, having the possibility to reach even the ambassadors of the pro-yogurt campaign carried out by Danone.

Through this initiative, Danone aims to remind the importance of a balanced lifestyle and the main benefits of daily consumption of yogurt, in the context in which more and more Romanians face health problems caused or favored by unhealthy eating and lack of movement. Obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are the diseases that must be addressed with the highest priority according to a study on the health status of Romanians by Danone.

The general opinion of the respondents who participated in the study conducted by Danone is that these health problems are generated by lifestyle, mainly sedentary and an unbalanced diet. In addition, 9 out of 10 respondents believe that Romanians eat unhealthy, according to the study "Eating habits" conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy in 2013. One of the handy solutions, which can be easily introduced and without significant costs in the diet daily of Romanians, is the daily consumption of yogurt. Yogurt, like the milk it is made from, contains valuable proteins and calcium, along with other minerals and vitamins needed for growth and health throughout your life.

Despite the many benefits of yogurt, recent studies show that Romania is on the last position at European level, in terms of yogurt consumption. According to statistics, a Romanian consumes on average 1 fresh dairy product per week, compared to French - 5 products per week, Bulgarians - 3 products per week and Poles - 2 products per week.

Health data, correlated with the lowest consumption of yogurt and fresh dairy products in Romania, prompted Danone to launch a long-term information and education campaign about the benefits that daily yogurt consumption can bring. This focuses primarily on the consumption of yogurt, but it also recalls other simple principles that are the basis of proper eating habits, through which the quality of life can be improved.

"Our lifestyle and nutrition are some of the main causes of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For a balanced diet we need to consume 2-3 dairy products every day. Yogurt helps ensure optimal intake of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, protein and active dairy ferments and low in calories The nutritional benefits of yogurt recommend this product as a simple and handy solution, especially in the contemporary lifestyle. As a doctor, I find myself more and more often in cases of serious pathologies, which originate from disregarding the real, basic needs of the body. With all the challenges brought about by changing our lifestyle in the last years, the correct nutrition becomes a condition for maintaining the health. new role, central, in our life. The choice is with us. We decide what and how good to eat, and my duty as a doctor is to explain, to guide, correct, maintain healthy eating habits. And such a habit is to consume yogurt daily, food as valuable for health as fruits or vegetables. Yoghurt is also a factor of re-balancing the diet, in relation to the excess fat and carbohydrates from other food categories ", says Prof. Dr. Nicolae Hancu, Honorary President of the Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, present at the launch of the "1 yogurt a day" campaign.

"For almost 100 years, Danone's mission has been to bring health through food to as many people as possible. The" 1 yogurt a day, your health "campaign, which we launched nationwide, has The role of educating Romanians on the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, highlighting the many benefits offered by the daily consumption of yogurt. Danone takes an important first step through the "1 yogurt a day" campaign, but to increase the impact of this mission we invite you to join us. and other Romanian dairy producers, retailers, government institutions, so that together we can bring health through balanced nutrition closer to as many Romanians as possible, "says Dieter Schulz, Danone General Manager for South East Europe.

Health data

Other issues that affect long-term health and quality of life, identified in a qualitative research commissioned by Danone at the end of last year, which targeted both the opinions of doctors and the general public in Romania, are high blood cholesterol, deficiency of calcium and vitamins, digestive disorders and chronic fatigue.

The results of the Danone research are in line with the studies published in recent years by the Ministry of Health, which shows, among other things, that almost 40% of Romanians are overweight or obese and that they have insufficient calcium in relation to the recommendation of specialists (743 mg / day in men , 635 mg / day in women compared to 800 mg daily recommended calcium intake).

The benefits of yogurt

1 yogurt a day is an example of small change and simple choice in the life of every Romanian, which can have a major impact on the well-being. Yogurt brings us all the goodness of milk daily, to which is added the power of active lactic bacteria, beneficial for the intestinal flora.

Yogurt plays an important role in the proper and balanced nutrition of the body: several studies on the concentration of nutrients correlated with the level of energy generated place the yogurt with fruits and vegetables in the hierarchy of nutrient dense foods and beneficial for health.

Yogurt plays an important role in digestion due to the calcium and live bacteria it contains. The balance of the intestinal flora and its quality influence the functioning of the digestive system and the overall health. Yogurt plays an important role in the development and maintenance of tissues (muscles, vital organs), as it is a source of high nutritional value proteins, which provides the body with all 9 essential amino acids.

Yogurt is easier to digest than milk from which it is obtained because fermentation bacteria help the lactose digestion, which some of us tolerate harder.

Yogurt is a re-balancing factor in the diet, in relation to excess fat and carbohydrates from other food categories. Daily consumption of yogurt helps to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, at all stages of life.