Your beauty guide in charge

Your beauty guide in charge

Do not let the task eclipse your beauty! Use during pregnancy to look better than ever. Here are some tricks related to clothing, makeup, sleep, nutrition, spa, but also other measures that you must take during this period, to be beautiful and bright every day of your pregnancy!

Exploits the physical strengths of pregnancy, hides imperfections!

You do not want, the task comes with a lot of symptoms and bad conditions, but also physical changes that put their mark on your beauty. Take advantage of the changes that can enhance your beauty and try to "cover" as best as those who "attack". For example, the shine of pregnancy reflected in the skin or breast augmentation are advantages that it is advisable to take advantage of to enhance your beauty.

Belly growth is seen by pregnant women as an advantage, and as a disadvantage. However, a pregnant woman who proudly displays her pregnancy has a unique, incomparable beauty. The rest of the imperfections - stretch marks, cellulite, colza, acne, rosacea and other problems can be successfully covered by simple makeup and dressing tricks.

Make going to the spa a routine for you!

A day at the spa is a well-deserved treat and a way to maintain your beauty and combat imperfections. Many pregnant women run out of spas because many of the treatments out there are dangerous to the baby. But if you go to a safe center with specialists and professionals, you will only receive safe and beneficial treatments for your pregnancy.

Spa treatments are meant to improve the health of your skin, to relax your muscles and to combat stress in your body, to have a calm pregnancy and to stay beautiful every day.

Makeup is a necessary rule for your beauty! Respect it!

Even if you have a perfect complexion and your natural beauty beats all the commercials, always a dash of makeup will make you look spectacular, especially during pregnancy. You will notice that the skin begins to create problems in pregnancy (acne, rosacea, etc.), the skin is more sensitive, and the fatigue and unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy put their mark on your face.

You need more than ever the weapons that makeup has on the skin. But do not overdo it. Adopt a natural makeup that will accentuate your features and make you look relaxed and beautiful every day.

Stay active during pregnancy!

Whether you like it or not, beauty is always maintained and sported. Even if the pregnancy prevents you from venturing into many exercises or sports, there are also physical activities recommended for pregnant women. These have the role of preventing the accumulation of excess pounds, toning your muscles and keeping you fit throughout the nine months.

Get enough sleep!

Sleep and beauty have more to share than you think and influence each other. Even if you have something to fight with during pregnancy, due to the unpleasant symptoms, but also the increase of the belly, it is important to find the necessary methods to manage to accumulate a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per day.

The lack of sleep can be seen on your body, but especially on the face. Circassians will not hesitate to make an appearance shortly, and fatigue will determine the pale and dull appearance of the skin. If you have trouble sleeping at night, try to recover during the day lost hours.

Other secrets to getting a better night's sleep are to decrease your fluid intake before bed, take a light meal, which does not hinder digestion, and do an activity that relaxes you before sleep. Also, as your tummy grows, try to sleep on the left side. It is the most relaxing and beneficial sleeping position in pregnancy.

Eat healthy and hydrate intensely!

The beauty depends, to a large extent, on the degree of hydration and nutrition you adopt during pregnancy. The healthier you eat, foods rich in essential nutrients, and make sure you consume enough water, the more beautiful you will be every day of your pregnancy.

What beauty secrets have you applied during pregnancy? How did you fight against imperfections and keep your freshness every day? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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