Gasca Zurli invents new national sport - Play in the family!

Gasca Zurli invents new national sport - Play in the family!

Playing championship every Sunday at 10.00 on National TV

from November 10, Gasca Zurli returns to the homes of all children through the family entertainment program "Playing Championship" broadcast by National TV, every on Sunday, from 10.00.

The show is addressed to the whole family. The children come into play with their favorite characters from Gasca Zurli, and the parents learn how to play alongside their children. The Zurli gang causes the parents, who for an hour have to leave their worries, problems, housework, to sit in front of the television near their children, to sing, dance, clap and play.
Each edition has a famous guest, a star, along with a child. The two, led by Fetita Zurli, Clopotel, Zdranganel, Truli and Aunt Presenter, must pass through attention, skill and physical evidence. They play mime, pop, dance and sing a lot. If the two guests manage to pass all the tests, remain friends and have fun until the end, they will be declared champions and will receive diplomas and medals.
Also on show The Witch Tura-Vura, who wants to be the absolute champion and prove that he deserves all the diplomas and medals. But as she is a caressing and obstinate witch, she can only make us laugh. Eventually, Good fairy, aided by guests and children from the plateau and at home, manages to chase her away and restore her good mood.

In the first show, which will air on November 10, Corina has been declared Supermama and Robin, her boy, Supercopil. Robin accepted the invitation on the show because he is a Gasca Zurli fan. He knows their songs and games, he knows the characters and he wanted a confrontation with Tura Vura, the most charming witch in the world.

How many floats did Robin and how much he managed to make the wizard, how did Robin and Corina jump in 3 legs, how did Corina manage to imitate the pig at the mime game and how hard they got the gold medals, we will find out in the show. For the first time, Corina and Robin sang together, on a television station, Corina's chorus, including her latest single.
Gasca Zurli launches in Play Championship and a contest with a GREAT AWARD! A child from Romania has the chance to celebrate his birthday with Gasca Zurli, at his home.
Parents should send a photo from their child's birthday, regardless of whether it is from one year, three years or even from birth, to the address [email protected]. Photos will be posted to your account Facebook Gasca Zurli - //www.facebook.com/gascazurli, and the photo that gathers the most votes will be declared a winner. The child in the winning photograph will celebrate his birthday with Gasca Zurli, whether he lives in Satu Mare, Timisoara, Zalau or any other city in the country and whether he is born in January or November! The Zurli gang comes to every corner of the country and any season, with the Zurli minibus full of gifts and balloons, to celebrate the winner with maximum joy!
The show "Playing Championship" is animated by a lot of cheerful music, songs known and loved by the little ones and original Zurli songs. The superhit "I have a small box", which the children know, love and do all the choreography with the characters from Gasca Zurli, is not missing from any show.
In the "Playing Championship", the children will find themselves in the characters from Gasca, but also in the children invited to the plateau, they will learn the lesson of friendship and what it means to be fair in the play and they will identify the mistakes against the example given by Tura Vura.
Parents will remember to play with their children and enjoy each moment together and will once again realize that great joy lies in the small things and the everyday happenings.
Distribution: Vero Caliman- Fetita Zurli, Alex Stama- Clopotel and Tura Vura, Razvan Marina- Truli, Gabriela Plopan- Zana Buna, Marius-Toma Petrescu- Zdranganel and Mirela Retegan- Tanti Presenter.
Scenario- Mirela Retegan
Choreography and artistic direction - Vadim Rusu
Scenography- Anca Cernea
Musical producer - Cornel Sorian
General Manufacturer - Liviana tane
Director / Artistic Director - Mirela Retegan

The show "Playing Championship" is a production Company of ZURLI and National TV events.

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