Nose clogged in infants

Nose clogged in infants


- I have a 4-month-old girl. He has a stuffy nose for a week. I put physiological serum on it, I removed it with a pumpkin but for nothing. It's not cool because I asked the doctor's advice. What do you think should be done?


Nasal obstruction syndrome (clogged nose) is manifested by: embarrassment in nasal breathing (if obstruction is unilateral) or oral breathing (if obstruction is bilateral), hyposmia (diminution of smell) or anxiety (lack of smell) that is noticed only by the child sea ​​and adult voice.
The causes of this syndrome are varied, which may be due to either diseases of the nostrils or disorders of the rhinopharynx.
In children, the causes of nasal obstruction may be:

  • national congenital malformations
  • acute rhinitis (gonococcal, luetic)
  • acute adenoiditis
  • adenoid vegetation (polyps)
  • nasal trauma
  • foreign national bodies
  • chronic rhinitis
  • nasal allergy
  • nasal tumors: hemangiomas, nasal lymphangiomas, nasopharyngeal fibroma.
    In infants, nose cleansing with physiological saline instillations for fluidizing secretions, aspiration with a nose pump, humidifying the air and avoiding overheating of the room are the only measures needed in the case of a healthy baby.
    If the nasal obstruction is persistent and accentuated, request an ENT consultation to exclude rhinopharyngeal pathology.

    Alina Pop-Began

    - Resident doctor - Anesthesia and Intensive Care-

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