Gasca Zurli plays again Tiribam Tiribum, the most beloved children's show!

Gasca Zurli plays again Tiribam Tiribum, the most beloved children's show!

Gasca Zurli plays again Tiribam Tiribum, the most beloved children's show!

At the request of the public, Gasca Zurli plays again Tiribam Tiribum, the most beloved children's show!

The most loved and awaited children's show is back. On Saturday, April 20, 2013, from 11:00 am, at CinemaPRO, Gasca Zurli calls all children and parents with a desire to play at the show "Tiribam Tiribum" the first and only children's show in Romania.

The show was played once again this year, on February 23 and is now rejoining, at the request of the spectators.

Tiribam Tiribum change everything that has happened so far in children's entertainment: original music, fascinating costumes, experienced actors and the unique concept of the show causes all spectators to enter the game.

It is a show in which the little ones and the big ones are invited to sing, to dance, to stand up, to shout, to keep their fists, to count.
Good fairy needs the help of children. The reason? The super wizard Tura-Vura, which nobody fears, is trying to steal the children's fun! Does he have a chance? When children are allied with Gasca Zurli and I take away the arsenal of songs, games, magic and good mood, Tura-Vura he discovers that the good wins, and the spells have no effect.

The story is supported by the children's favorite songs - Has a mother a little girl, If she is happy, Counting, but also new original songs, rhythmic, with beautiful text and easy to remember.

The show is simple and easy to understand for the little ones, the choreography is easy to imitate and the message is always with a subtext for the parents.

One of the great strengths of the show is the transformation of the negative characters into funny, likeable, unsavory characters. Children need negative characters that are easy to overcome with the mind, easy to correct with the soul. In the Zurli concepts, the negative characters are bored, crushed, crushed, tangled. Their evil intentions are only superficial. Their gaze is friendly, their voice can be warm and their actions can at most bring a smile to their children's lips.

Last year, the show Tiribam Tiribum was viewed by over 100,000 children from all over the country and involved in the campaign "You also have a book, give it away" and in The "Proistoriafest" festival.
Tickets were on sale at the CinemaPRO ATM (phone 031.824.13.60) and online on vreaubilet.ro, phone 0724.016.269; 0725.873.282

Testimonial Tiribam Tiribum!

"Tiribam Tiribum it's a joyous show, the music is great. My little girl hummed every verse, these are her favorite songs. We are just waiting for the next Tiribam Tiribum. Until then, we will be unending from the performances of the Zurli Theater ", Alina Popescu, Sara's mother

"Ever since they saw the show, my kids ask me when we go to see them Girl Zurli, Clopotel and the rest of the characters. They are friendly characters, they are very successful in children. We really like Zurli shows, we don't miss them "Cristina Constantin, Darius and Sofia's mom

"Dararia liked Tura-Vura the most. Although he wants to be the negative character, he is the funniest of all the show. This is how children learn that evil can be overcome and other than with punishments, that we can make the trouble of trouble and the problems lessen "Camelia Georgescu, Dariei's mother

"I don't know who was most excited about the show, me or my little girls. I felt like I was back in childhood, singing and dancing. Fetita Zurli he reminded me of me, always cheerful and playful. It is great that there are such shows, which help us to always stay young "Dorina Pascal, mother of Anisiei and Clarei

"We liked it so much the atmosphere in the room, the energy we felt from the actors, the music, the games in which the children were involved. It was the most beautiful show I have attended so far. It's great that there is something like this in us "Marius Anton, Matei's father

"When I took tickets to Tiribam Tiribum we are expecting a children's show, as I had seen at children's theaters or on other occasions. But what happened on the stage was a total surprise. The music, the actors, the atmosphere, everything is superlative. Of course we are coming"Maria Ionescu, the mother of Tudor and Biancai

"The magic formula Tiribam Tiribum really works wonders! It elicits worries, sorrows, thoughts and brings joy and smiles to everyone's faces. I left the show more relaxed than after an hour at the spa. And my little girl was so grateful that I took her to such a show, that she was extremely obedient all day. This is the effect of Tiribam Tiribum "Veronica Marcu, Larisei's mother

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