Panettone is the name of the Italian cozonac, which is preparing around the most important holidays of the year, just as the traditional walnut cozonac is prepared for us.

Preparation time

180 minutes




30 g dried yeast

600 g flour

100 g old powder

200 g butter

4-5 tablespoons milk

3 eggs

lemon peel

200 g raisins

100 g dried apricots

fried almonds and crushed into pieces

1 salt powder

Method of preparation

Unwrap the dried yeast in warm milk and mix it with a teaspoon of flour, then let it rise 20 minutes, in the heat. Mix in the freshly sifted yeast prepared flour and salt, adding in turn the soft butter, sugar and eggs.

Knead the dough well, then mix the fruit and almonds and add the lemon peel. Grease a high-walled tray with butter and coat it with aluminum foil. Grease with butter and then coat with flour.

Form a large ball from all the dough and place it in the tray. Allow the dough to grow for about an hour, in a warm place, covered with a clean, slightly damp towel. Grease it with beaten egg and bake in the oven (hot at 180 degrees), on low heat, about 45 minutes.

The panettone is baked when it has become firm, getting a golden crust.

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