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Calming baby's colic

Calming baby's colic

Colicles are spasmodic abdominal cramps commonly found in infants between the ages of 2 weeks and 3-4 months. According to global estimates, 1 in 4 babies suffer from these uncomfortable medical symptoms, manifested by:

  • crying vigorously and for unexplained causes (especially after meals);
  • irritability and agitation;
  • body squatting;
  • refusal of food;
  • rubbing the feet during crying;
  • disturbed sleep etc.

Colic attacks are repetitive during a day, accumulating in total even 3 hours of crying. A crying crisis lasts at least 20 minutes and can take up to an hour. For this reason, it is important to have effective remedies at hand, which can quickly relieve the uncomfortable pain your baby is experiencing. Among the main natural remedies or traditional treatments that help relieve cramps are:

  • the bandage (due to the heat that accumulates in the abdomen);
  • a bottle with warm water, positioned in the abdominal area (but not directly on the skin);
  • gentle abdominal massage (in the umbilical area, clockwise);
  • baby's walk on shoulder or swing (it has calming and relaxing effect);
  • eructation or regurgitation (elimination of air after each meal is essential to prevent gas formation and the appearance of pain caused by colic);
  • changing the milk formula (if you suffer from intolerance to one of the ingredients);
  • music or white noise (some babies react positively to certain types of music or to sounds that mimic natural sounds);
  • communication with him (your voice has a calming effect on the baby).

Often, only these methods do not give the best results and little help is needed. Oral suspensions are a solution in this case. Infacol is a colic medicine in infants, available without a prescription. However, it is essential to use carefully any anti-colic medication in infants.

Infacol helps to eliminate the severe pain and colic caused by excessive gases and swallowing air in babies. It physically eliminates gas accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract, caused by indigestion, swallowing or certain foods. The active ingredient is not absorbed into the baby's stomach or intestines, so there are no general or side effects.

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