30 benefits of the sport you didn't know

30 benefits of the sport you didn't know

Most moms fall into the trap. You have a wonderful chick, or maybe even more. But how about you now? What time is it that you are just allocating for yourself?

For moms who feel they have been neglected lately, we have a proposal: 30 minutes 3 times a week. No kids, no men, no mirrors and no programming!

At the women's exclusive fitness club FitCurves Vitan you can play sports and have fun with your friends at the same time.

The concept that FitCurves brings it's very simple: Curves International, the franchise that has improved the lives of over 4 million women, has devised a 30-minute fitness program for today's active woman: mother, wife, employee or entrepreneur. Thus, the most common excuse that prevents you from taking care of yourself and your body - "I don't have time in general" or "I have a baby, I don't have time for myself" - disappears from the beginning.

Time is of course relative. How do we allocate our time? For things that deserve for us. You decide what is worth it and what is not. What can happen in 30 minutes if you are away from home? Probably nothing special. The non-washed dishes will be waiting for you there, be sure that no one touches them, the child will wait for you just as he does and when you go to market, for example.

But this time you win and even in the long run. What do you earn? At the end of this article you will decide whether it is MERIT or not for you, because I have prepared 30 benefits of practicing regular sport, things that are less obvious at first glance, but extremely important in the long term, both for your mind and for yourself. to your health.

In the FitCurves fitness club only women have access, members between the ages of 18 and 80! Curves has opened 10,000 franchises in 85 countries, and now the number of members exceeds 4 million, making it the most successful fitness program in the world!

Discover the 30 benefits of sport

The training in the circuit is complete and contains STRENGTH, CARDIO and STRETCHING. The force devices are HYDRAULIC, which means they have no weights and they adapt to the strength of each woman; they function as a personal trainer. The 30 seconds spent on each device are supplemented by 30 seconds of CARDIO with a trainer in the middle of the circuit, who takes care to motivate and correct you. You will feel like a friend every time.

In Bucharest there are 2 FitCurves clubs, one near Bucharest Mall Vitan and one near Drumul Taberei. The first time you go to FitCurves you need a program that you can do on the site or on the phone, then you can come anytime in this program, without having to make a program certain. You can find more information on the website and on Facebook FitCurves.

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