5 questions about the first week of the baby

5 questions about the first week of the baby

After the baby is born, parents can have many questions regarding the baby's development, diseases that can affect him, his lifestyle and many other "why?" Related to the baby. To be well informed, it is good for parents to ask the specialist doctor all the things that concern them, regarding the first days of life of the newborn. Because the first week with your baby may not be an overwhelming experience, we present some of the most common questions parents have about babies.

How do I protect my baby from sudden death syndrome?

Until the age of one year, the baby does not know how to control his breathing, so it may happen that the baby dies during sleep. Sudden death syndrome is the most common cause of newborn mortality.

Newborn care specialists offer a few tips to protect your baby. One of the ways to protect the baby from sudden death syndrome is to position it on its back during sleep. In addition, to prevent sudden death syndrome, it is advised that the baby should not be exposed to cigarette smoke before or after birth.

Another means of protection is the use of a pacifier. According to specialists, this method is not safe, but it can help prevent the sudden death syndrome.

When is the first medical examination of the newborn, after leaving the maternity ward?

What will happen at the first consultation?

After leaving the maternity ward, the pediatrician will schedule the next medical consultation between six and eight weeks after birth. These exams aim to check the health of the baby, to detect certain abnormalities, to begin treatment as soon as possible to remedy the problems, if needed. In addition, this control is given to the baby and the first vaccines, which will protect and maintain their health, preventing the onset of disease.

How much should a newborn sleep?

Newborns sleep a lot in the first days of life, and the rhythm of sleep is different from one baby to another. However, a newborn usually sleeps between 16 and 19 hours a day and wakes up about 2-3 hours to eat.

How often should a newborn eat?

Whether the baby is breastfed or breastfed, questions about proper nutrition are required. Generally, infants eat five or six meals a day. Thus, some need 650-700 ml of milk in 24 hours, while others need more food and will eat between 850 and 1000 ml of milk.

Breast milk is the "perfect food" for newborns, especially in the first six months of life, as it offers many benefits, such as protection against infections by transferring maternal antibodies, which the milk powder does not offer.

When and how often should the baby be bathed?

In the first week after leaving the maternity ward you do not have to bathe your baby daily. Twice a week is enough. Until the full belly is healed, it is good to settle on cleaning the baby with the sponge soaked in water.

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