The designer of the David Copperfield illusions brings magic to Bucharest, at the Mickey's Magic Show!

The designer of the David Copperfield illusions brings magic to Bucharest, at the Mickey's Magic Show!

Mickey's Magic Show, coming from the fascinating world of Disney, brings not only the favorite characters of children everywhere, but also a series of impressive magic and illusionism moments, thought by themselves Jim Steinmeyer, the designer behind the famous representations David Copperfield.

The surprising numbers of magic will be staged by the Disney characters themselves under the enchanted wand of young illusionist Michael Barron. Mickey's Magic Show will have five performances at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, from February 13 to 17, being organized by Amphitrion.

Joining the Disney characters on Mickey's Magic Show and the experience of the charismatic Michael Barron, Jim Steinmeyer has managed to create a spectacular show of illusionism, a unique experience of live Disney magic. Steinmeyer focused exclusively on the technical side of the Mickey's Magic Show project, thinking the entire magic program of the show.

Specializing in the history of illusionism and passionate about everything that means special effects, Jim Steinmeyer has worked over time for a number of shows such as: Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins or Ghost at the Opera. He has also been a producer and consultant for countless television shows, becoming a designer for numerous illusionary moments included in Walt Disney productions.

During his collaboration with David Copperfield, Jim Steinmeyer created many memorable scenes, including the famous moment of the demise of the Statue of Liberty presented at a 1983 TV show.

For Mickey's Magic ShowJim Steinmeyer worked closely with the young illusionist Michael Barron. With over 5000 shows and 150 live TV shows in over 25 countries, Michael Barron is, at just 27 years old, one of the highest rated illusionists in the world. He started his career as a magician when he was just five and has won numerous awards including The International Brotherhood of Magicians' Best Stage Magician Award, as well as the Lance Burton Award for Excellence in Magic.

At the Disney Live! Show, Michael will turn Cinderella into a princess, perform a sensational levity with Princess Jasmine in Aladdin's story, and assist Magician Mickey Mouse in creating illusionary numbers beyond. any imagination.

"Mickey's Magic Show is a fun, creative and very emotional show. There is no comparison between the emotion offered by the live show and the specificity of the Disney films seen on television or in the cinema. Everything happens in front of the public, the connection that is created between children, parents and Disney characters turning the show into an unforgettable experience.

The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular magic numbers made by the Disney characters themselves, from Mickey Mouse to the Mad Hat. You don't get the chance to see famous characters and favorite magical moments from Disney movies every day. It was a real challenge for the creative team behind the show to bring the same wonderful world of stories, from characters and directing, to music and scenography. Moreover, the presence of Michael Barron has made the end result quite fascinating, "said Steinmeyer.

"The audience will be amazed by the prepared surprises, the show being a revolutionary concept created by one of the best genre teams in the world. The illusionists and Disney characters will involve the little ones and the big ones both in this magical world. an interactive show where the spectators will have the chance to live and participate in the magic numbers. For five days, the Palace Hall will become the magical realm of the Disney world, "said Raluca Popescu, General Manager Amphitrion, the organizer of the Disney Live shows! from Bucharest.

The Mickey's Magic Show will take place at the Palace Hall between February 13 and 17, 2013, as follows:

  • Wednesday (February 13th) 7pm;
  • Thursday (February 14) 7pm;
  • Friday (February 15) 7:00 pm;
  • Saturday (February 16) at 11:00;
  • Sunday (February 17) at 11:00.

Tickets are available in the network of Diverta stores, the Music store, Mihai Eminescu bookstore, the Palace Hall or online, on, with prices starting from 64 lei.