Too many thoughts, too exhausting

Too many thoughts, too exhausting

I kept thinking why I am so exhausted in the evening, although, apparently, I didn't do so much during the day. It's true, I have a job, I come home and go straight to the game, eating against the clock. But lately I even get to sleep about 7 hours a night. And I'm still tired.

I realized that my mind works non-stop. And if I'm lying for 10 minutes next to my face and watching a movie, theoretically I should be able to relax during that time. But no, the brain says and analyzes and plans. And there is no disconnection moment until I fall asleep in the evening, doing something necessarily until the last fraction of a second before falling - eating a small back or inventing a story.

Recently, I read an article that referred to a cartoonist in France who very well illustrated the idea of ​​unsavory thoughts, coming as an avalanche, about what needs to be done, what else to do. The concept is called mental load. And then other articles on parenting sites outside began to appear, mothers confirm that their mental load is exhausting.

Women's mental load

Well, the graphic designer thinks that the mental load is, to a large extent, in women. They occupy the brain with all kinds of plans and ideas. That is why we, ladies, when we take up a job, until we finish it, do not know how many other jobs. And we think about many more.

Men see their work and follow it with dedication from the beginning to the end. Do not let yourself be distracted like us and in no case do not plan the next week in thought, while preparing a tomato salad. It may also be related to the fact that men's minds are more focused, they generally do not have much distributive attention. I don't think I've ever been able to pass on information to my husband while talking on the phone. Instead, during a conversation, I can read an article, think about what I wear tomorrow at the office and shift my attention to what my husband wants to ask me.

I'm not saying it proudly. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. I always said that I would like to sit in the sun, on a sunbed and not think about anything. Sometimes it's too much, you can feel how your own thoughts get tired. Since I'm a mom it's even more mental load. I try to refrain from giving birth to those around me with my thousands of thoughts. So on Sunday mornings I make an effort not to inform my husband, even before lighting his cigarette, that we have to go shopping, that it is a cleaning day and that I go to the park a little further, after putting a car washing clothes.

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