Dear parent, are you ready to love wisely? Smart Love is in Romania

Dear parent, are you ready to love wisely? Smart Love is in Romania

Smart Love is the new concept created for parents, officially launched in Romania, a brand of the organization CEUMED (Central European Medical), an international company designed to discover the real needs of people and to offer what is really needed in their lives.

We strive every day to provide parents with products that represent intelligent and innovative solutions to real day-to-day problems.

Smart Love is dictated by the slogan 'love wisely', stating the message 'we help those with a big heart but who also listen to their mind', offering solutions and products for parents who make efforts to provide the best experiences for families. their.

Our target audience consists of parents always looking for the best solutions for the peace and happiness of their babies, seeking advice and confirmations received from other parents in the community and those who constantly want to improve their parenting expertise.

Our vision is to build the Smart Love brand in a positive and transparent way, which any parent can associate with a certain need at a certain stage of the child's growth, from birth to school age.

Currently, in Romania, Smart Love includes 3 products for 3 common problems in babies:

  • Sudocrem: protective cream, with a tradition of over 80 years, leader on several European markets (UK, Ireland, Germany, Hungary), winner of multiple Superbrands, Practical Parenting awards. Sudocrem is ideal after changing diapers, for irritation or other skin problems.

  • Infacol: anti-colic product, which helps to eliminate excess gas while being neutral to the body due to the non-absorbability of the digestive tract. Infacol is the solution that can help children sleep peacefully. Thus the parents have calmer nights, so happier days.

  • Nosko: innovative nasal aspirator, which combines efficiency similar to the professional vacuum cleaners in the hospital with ease in use and superior cleaning to other products on the market. Nosko is a safe, hygienic solution meant to keep the smile of happy children.

The products are found in pharmacies and drugstores, do not require a prescription. If unpleasant events occur, contact your family doctor or pharmacist. In the future, Smart Love will continue to launch products designed to ease and make life more beautiful for both children and parents and grandparents.