How we teach our children to eat healthy

How we teach our children to eat healthy

A great dilemma for moms is, of course, how to teach their baby to eat healthy when he is in school. Children are easily influenced and we do not want to spend their day eating a lot of processed foods.

What can we do, moms, to educate them about a healthy lifestyle from childhood?

First of all, we can reduce the sugar consumption, avoiding as much as possible the inappropriate snacks like candies, watercress, biscuits and Neapolitan.

Secondly, even if we have a snack that he dislikes eating in the morning, he doesn't have to leave home without breakfast.

Try to set up a regular meal plan for the little ones, with 3 main meals and 2 healthy snacks. As a snack you can serve them a glass of skimmed goat's milk, fresh cheese Milk kernel, pearls with cream cheese, probiotic yogurt, whipped milk, a small handful of seeds or nuts or seasonal fruits.

Encourage your child to move daily. Take them out for bike rides, reels or take them to swimming, dancing or martial arts.

Children often mimic the behavior of adults, so it is good to be yourself as an example for them. If they see mommy eating healthy, they will.

Our children are our most valuable goods. If we want to grow big, cheerful and be successful, we must first take care of their stomach and their health.

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