Spoil your baby! The benefits of alint for parents and children

Spoil your baby! The benefits of alint for parents and children

Most parents spoil their children, but from a certain age consider that little ones should not be breastfed. According to the specialists, this fear is unfounded. Hugs and evidence of affection are beneficial for both children and adults. Specialized studies confirm that alint contributes to the happiness and health of children, while developing their curiosity and intellect.

Children encouraged by their parents are much smarter

And the animals milk their chicks, licking their fur and warming them with their bodies. The researchers found that the mice raised by their mothers get out of a maze much faster. In addition, the offspring of mice spoiled by their parents are more curious, more sociable and live longer than other mice. This behavior observed in mammals is further evidence that human offspring also need spoilage.

Neuroscience specialists scanned the brains of several 3-year-olds and then compared the results. The results surprised the researchers. Children loved and cared for by their parents had more developed brains than those of neglected children. In addition, the scans revealed fewer spots and fewer dark, diffuse areas in the first category.

The conclusion? In the first 3 years of the child's life, the development of the brain is directly influenced by the affection it receives from the parents. In other words, the more you give your child more love, the more it will develop mentally. He will be smarter and more able to empathize.

Lack of love destroys the brain

Neurologists argue that how children are treated in the early years of life is important not only for their emotional development, but also for determining the size of the brain. In the case of children neglected by their parents or who have not had any affections, their brain looks as if they are suffering from a serious illness or trauma.

The small child deprived of affection has no developed fundamental areas of the brain. He risks becoming addicted to drugs, being involved in violent crimes and later failing, as an adult, on a social level, failing to find a stable job. In addition, he will be prone to mental illness and other serious health problems.

The neglect of the child is the result of a vicious circle, because the parents of the deprived children of affection were also rejected by their own parents in childhood, having the incomplete brain developed. However, previous research has shown that the cycle can be interrupted if the intervention is done on time and families are supported.

In the first two years of life, children rely heavily on their mothers. A strong connection with them contributes to the development of a healthy brain. Therefore, the development of brain circuits depends very much on the child's relationship with the mother.

Because 80% of brain cells grow in the first two years of life, problems that occur during this period can affect people for the rest of their lives. Moreover, the greater the neglect, the more pronounced the brain damage can be.

The benefits of childcare

Children raised by loving mothers are smarter and have a greater ability to learn. Parental affection helps the hippocampus develop, this brain area playing a key role in the process of learning, memory and stress resistance.

Here are the main benefits of the breath:

• It contributes to increasing brain size and developing intelligence.

• It promotes wellbeing, being a fun activity for both the child and the parent.

• Helps children feel comfortable when they are given affection or when they need to express their feelings.

• Stimulates the secretion of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine) that fight stress, promote healing, reduce blood pressure and stimulate mood.

• It is a way to communicate love and affection without words.

• Strengthens family ties and helps the child feel safe.

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