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Carmen Bruma: There are no wonders in weight loss!

Carmen Bruma: There are no wonders in weight loss!

Carmen Bruma is an example of the will of many women in Romania. As she confesses in her first book "Slim - How I lost 30 kilos and never put them back" she managed to lose a lot during the teenage years.

Following a balanced diet and a healthy and active lifestyle today has become one of the most beautiful romances. She is known as one of the promoters of a healthy lifestyle, willing to share her knowledge about nutrition and others, which she did in her next book "3S - Suppla, healthy, satula".

Starting with October, Carmen Bruma is the new image of CANAH, the first producer of hemp oil in Romania and the only integrated processor of hemp seeds in Europe, which makes all the products derived from these seeds under one roof. Loved TV presenters regularly use and recommend hemp as one of the most nutritious foods, due to its high protein content, oil rich in polyunsaturated omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids and insoluble fiber.

I met her at the CANAH product presentation event and took the opportunity to ask her some questions:

: Because we represent one of the most important parents of parents and future parents in Romania, the community, I would like to ask you what food advice would you give to the new mothers to get back to the figure before pregnancy?

Carmen Bruma: The most important tips would be to have patience and be disciplined because in time the results will appear. An important and often overlooked aspect is weight control during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should eat enough, but not excessively

: Pregnancy is a difficult diet for a woman. What do you think are the dietary principles that should guide a pregnant woman?

Carmen Bruma: First of all, it should inform about the main vitamins and minerals that the body needs during this period, identify the best sources and then integrate them into the daily menu. Pregnant woman should focus on folic acid, iron from animal sources, calcium, iodine, omega3, complete proteins

: Have you recently become the image of CANAH, tell us what are the benefits of consuming hemp seeds and hemp oil?

Carmen Bruma: Hemp is one of nature's perfect foods, a super food that can help maintain health and well-being. Hemp seeds offer a wide spectrum of health benefits, the most important being: increasing energy levels, regulating cholesterol levels, improving circulation, strengthening the immune and nervous system, speeding up recovery in case of injuries, reducing stress, reducing the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and allergies. . Hemp oil is one of the most suitable oils for long term consumption and contains the ideal ratio of omega 3 / omega 6 ie 1: 3

: How can these products be consumed?

Carmen Bruma: Hemp seeds are some of the most nutritious foods on earth and have been a traditional source of nutrition in many countries for thousands of years. They can be consumed in various ways such as: vegetable and fruit salads, mussels, bakery products, pasta and rice recipes, hemp milk. Hemp seeds can be biologically classified in the category of nuts or oilseeds. I use them in soups, salads, cooked vegetables, hummus, avocado paste, etc

: Can they be consumed during pregnancy?

Carmen Bruma: They are even indicated during pregnancy due to the high content of omega 3, the perfect proportion of omega 3 / omega 6, iron, calcium, complete proteins. Although there is no recommended daily dose of essential fatty acids, many experts recommend a minimum of 3% calories from omega-6 fatty acids and 1% from omega-3. Pregnant and lactating women should double these doses. One tablespoon of hemp oil or 2 tablespoons of husked hemp seeds contain approximately 6.6 grams of omega-6 and 2.2 grams of omega-3 - exactly the required dose for a 2000 calorie diet.

: But during breastfeeding? Do they have any influence on lactation?

Carmen Bruma: Due to its nutrient rich content, hemp seeds are an important support during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Their regular consumption decreased the incidence of premature births, increased the baby's birth weight, length at birth and head circumference, as well as improved the intelligence of 18-month-old babies.

: Are you an example of beauty for many of our readers, tell us how you manage to maintain your figure, what is your secret?

Carmen Bruma: Thanks. I have already revealed all my secrets in the 2 books I have released. In the program 3 S-Sanataasa Supla Satula (book plus DVD) I showed with concrete examples how you can lose weight and keep up without wasted time or money thrown on the window. It is still available and can be ordered online.

: Give me an example of a daily menu of yours. Today, for example, what did you eat?

Carmen Bruma: I post part of my tables on my Facebook page Carmen Bruma Oficial. Today I ate fruit in the morning: a banana, a kiwi and 2 figs plus a green tea. At lunch: tomato cream soup with quinoa and hemp seeds, snack: a handful of macadamia nuts, almonds, cashews, Romanian nuts, dinner: grilled salmon with spinach

: Do you like sweets? What is your favorite sweet?

Carmen Bruma: Sweetness is my weakness that I have managed to control, fortunately. This means that once a week I eat sweets and my favorites are: Krantz cake with walnut ice cream, almonds, mascots, pies and caramel ice cream.

: Given that you know how heavy the fight with extra pounds is, what do you think is the most important piece of advice you could give to a woman who wants to lose weight?

Carmen Bruma: 1. To realize that when you have problems with weight, your whole life will have to follow some rules. 2. In terms of weight loss there are no wonders!

I thank you for the kindness to answer my questions and for the precious advice that I am sure many members of the community will take into account. .

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