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Baby body oil. Useful or not?

Baby body oil. Useful or not?

Baby body oil is one of the care products that mothers often use to moisturize the skin of newborn babies from the first days of life. However, there are a number of issues that any mom should consider when choosing baby body oil. How useful is this care product? Should you use it or not?

Pro arguments

Baby body oil can prove to be a product with a wealth of benefits on the health and well-being of your baby. Thus, the oil moisturizes the delicate skin of your baby, preventing the appearance of irritations, dermatitis and eczema, and gives you the chance to give the baby a relaxing massage that promotes both quality rest, as well as strengthening the immune system and recovering from the most common problems. health that the newborn may face.

Baby body oil can be applied after each change of diaper, to prevent irritation of the nipple. Subsequently, after the baby reaches the stage of the baths, the body oil can be applied at the end of each bath as a massage.

Arguments against

Baby body oil is on sale in the range of many brands dedicated to the care of children since their arrival in the world, which could make the choice difficult. Perhaps even more complicated is the choice of a product free of parabens and other harmful substances which, once penetrated into the fragile body of the baby, can cause severe problems.

Specialists claim that although baby body oils in commerce are promoted as safe for babies, their effects can be harmful. Thus, in addition to artificial dyes, diethanolamine or triethanolamine - substances that should be avoided - baby body oil may also contain lanolin. This fatty substance, obtained from the processing of sheep's wool, is safe for the health of your baby only when the packaging of the product mentions that the lanolin used does not contain pesticides.

Besides the possible existence of harmful substances in the body oils for babies, other arguments against using these products refer to the effect they can have on the natural pH of the baby's skin.

Babies come into the world with a creamy substance that covers the whole body, which is called Vernix caseosa and which should be massaged into the skin of newborns immediately after birth, as it has a moisturizing and protective effect and prevents the appearance of problems in the epidermis.

In order to maintain its beneficial effects, the body oils for babies in commerce should be applied with measure, never in excess, so as not to contribute to the dissolution of this natural protective layer, favoring the installation of skin problems.

Healthy alternatives to baby body oil

Baby body oil should not be completely removed from the newborn care ritual, but eventually replaced with natural products, friendly to the health of your baby. Olive oil is an excellent alternative to classic baby body oils.

As long as it is used, extra virgin olive oil will moisturize and maintain the baby's skin health without any unwanted side effects. You can use it as such or you can boil it in bain marie.

Other natural baby body oils that you can use with confidence are coconut oil, almond oil, chamomile oil and aloe vera oil. With antiseptic and antibacterial properties, these natural oils in turn moisturize the delicate skin of the baby, protecting it from discomfort, and have a long service life.

Applying baby body oils can continue as long as you want, even after your baby passes the diaper stage, to ensure long-term well-hydrated and healthy skin and comfort.

Do you use baby body oil? Which products do you prefer? Share us your experience in the comment section below!

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