The holiday came by train from France. 3 things your little girl has to do this summer

The holiday came by train from France. 3 things your little girl has to do this summer

Even though most of the children are just waiting for the summer vacation, most of them get bored after only two weeks. Unfortunately, most of the time, children get to spend their precious free time with their eyes glued to the screens of gadgets that do not bring much benefit. Especially at an early age.

But with a little help from you, your little girl can choose activities that will nurture her thirst for knowledge, enrich her knowledge about the world and help her accumulate those social experiences and skills that will make her way through life easier. .

With the help of seemingly trivial things, you can turn your little girl's summer vacation into an unforgettable experience, which she will gladly remember over the years. In addition, you will further weld the mother-daughter relationship.

Here are the three summer activities that will help your little girl in the future:

Go to summer school

Summer school can save you from the pain of looking for a little one for your little one, but it can give your child a unique experience. It works as an internship for a particular subject or can cover all of them. In addition, extracurricular activities are commonplace in these summer schools. Such a preoccupation with vacations can improve your little girl's academic performance or open her horizons to a subject she has not studied in class yet.

Your little girl will make new friends and strengthen her socializing skills. In addition, as most summer schools are especially practical, the child will spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the benefits that nature has on the health and the psychic.

And as the school always starts with a pass to the district of supplies, such a Herlitz bag for girls can be the accessory that you will convince as summer school - even if it is the last thing you want to hear now, in July, maybe be a pleasant experience. Let her choose from the multitude of colorful patterns, for all her pockets, while you talk to her about all the fun activities that await her.

Take care of a vegetable garden

Such a garden will give your little one something to do all summer. In addition, it will help her gain healthy eating habits and improve her mood, eliminating depressive or stressful states, which can also occur in children, especially in the modern age. It is a type of activity that teaches children about responsibility and how to care for someone else, which depends on you.

The time spent in the garden, outdoors, will encourage her to do more sports, but also to socialize more efficiently, if you encourage her to team up with a school colleague and deal with plants.

To volunteer

Although volunteering may seem like a daring idea to little ones, it is not so. Many organizations accept volunteer children. In addition it is a unique chance that you will give to your little girl: to join forces and contribute together to a noble cause. You can plant trees together, buy food for an animal shelter or participate in an NGO fundraising campaign - the world is more open to help when you see a cute child, and your little girl will be pleased that she can do it. a good, no matter how small.

Such an experience can be important for your child, who will understand that there are less fortunate people or beings who need our help. She will give up the selfishness specific to childhood and cultivate feelings of solidarity with those around her. In addition, you will begin to feel part of the community and understand how any gesture, no matter how small, can trigger a tsunami on the other side of the globe. And these experiences are invaluable in a Romania as divided as the one we live in today.

What activities did you choose for your little girl this summer?

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