5 servings of vegetables, fruits or 100% fruit juice for future mothers

5 servings of vegetables, fruits or 100% fruit juice for future mothers

A proper lifestyle, together with a complete and well balanced diet, plays an extremely important role in the lives of mothers and their little ones. Here are some practical tips that will help you increase the immunity of your body and your baby:

  • Your diet should be rich in various fruits and vegetables, which should be added to each meal. You can also drink a glass of 100% juice (200 ml).
  • Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and contain many essential vitamins and minerals for you. Fresh salads, broccoli or boiled spinach are an excellent way to diversify your lunch, providing the body with much needed energy.
  • You should drink as many fluids as possible, which positively influence the breastfeeding process. Therefore, it is worth choosing 100% juices that give variety to your diet, while hydrating your body.
  • The diet of a child is a nutritional challenge for every young mother. Often, mothers are afraid to include new foods or beverages in their children's nutrition, because the baby's body is extremely sensitive and prone to allergies. You must remember, however, how important it is to provide the little one with the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It is important to diversify the child's diet with 100% fruit juices. From an early age, the child's diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits and juices 100% (children less than 1 year can be given 100% juices, products specially for them).

It is recommended to give the children 100% juices composed of a single fruit in order to better observe an eventual allergic reaction for a certain fruit.

A balanced diet of yours and the baby is the guarantee of success - proper nutrition strengthens your body and helps you recover quickly after birth, and proper nutrition of the baby contributes to its proper development.

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