Hours of road education in schools, supported by Andi Moisescu

Hours of road education in schools, supported by Andi Moisescu

Andi Moisescu supported an hour of road education within the Mobile Kids program, organized by Mercedes-Benz Romania and the Save the Children Organization

This international initiative belongs to the Daimler group and is implemented for the first time in Romania.

Between October 28 - November 22, 2013, Mercedes-Benz Romania, in partnership with the Save the Children Organization, holds a series of road safety lessons, within the Mobile Kids educational program, a Daimler initiative, with tradition and international implementation. In the first week of information sessions, Andi Moisescu held a road education lesson in Bucharest Central School for the students of the third class, encouraging them to become the most responsible participants in the traffic and an example for the others.

"I chose to be actively involved in the Mobile Kids educational program, first and foremost, from the perspective of my own parenting experience, because I know how important education and healthy road reflexes are for our children. In addition, the actions supported by Save the Children Organization aims to create a safer environment for children. Thus, the decision to join the campaign was as natural as possible, especially with Mercedes-Benz Romania, a safe road partner, "said Andi Moisescu, President of the Organization Save the Children.

The Mobile Kids educational platform, implemented for the first time in Romania, is dedicated to children between the ages of six and ten, in order to teach them, in an interactive way, the traffic rules and the approach of correct behavior in the means of public transport and personally, to prevent and reduce the number of road accidents among children.

Children are active participants in road traffic. Since primary school, they are traveling on foot, by bicycle and as passengers in cars or public transportation, many of them relying on the special attention of other traffic participants. But children can also contribute to their own safety by accumulating essential traffic rules.

"By introducing the Mobile Kids program in Romania, together with our trusted partner, the Save the Children Organization, we want to focus our efforts creatively on educating small pedestrians and drivers tomorrow. We continue the tradition started by Daimler, now more than 12 years, introducing children to their first road experiences and offering them the tools they need to become the most responsible participants in traffic, "said Gabriel Craciun, Corporate PR / Communications Mercedes-Benz Romania.

Development of the program in schools

Within the Mobile Kids program, trainers and volunteers from Mercedes-Benz Romania and Save the Children hold information sessions on the topic of road safety in an interactive form, in a number of selected schools in Bucharest.

MOKI, the mascot of the program, is present in the classrooms, encouraging through instructional games and educational materials about 3,000 children to adopt responsible behavior when participating in traffic. While crossing the street, walking on the sidewalk or when using public transportation or traveling in the family car, children must keep in mind the traffic rules in order to move safely. Mobile Kids is an important source of information, which is fun for children, giving them the confidence to move independently and safely in traffic.

The Mobile Kids lessons are focused on promoting ten essential traffic rules and are organized in an interactive and attractive way for children, for a better depth of information. After each lesson, children are invited to complete a brief test on responsible behavior in traffic, meant to check their newly acquired knowledge. The tests with the most correct answers are awarded at the end of the lesson. At the same time, each child receives educational brochures that he will be able to deepen at home with his parents.

Moreover, the Mobile Kids educational campaign is aimed at adults, not just children. Through a comprehensive approach and a wealth of information and educational materials, the Mobile Kids program communicates to parents and teachers, thus contributing to increasing awareness and risk prevention.

The Mobile Kids campaign benefits from its promotion on the Romanian radio station Itsy Bitsy. During the campaign, informative pills with practical tips and traffic rules are distributed, so that the Mobile Kids lessons reach as many children and parents as possible.

Mobile Kids is a global Daimler initiative, with a unique approach to road education for children around the world. The common factor of Mobile Kids campaigns is, every time, the fun format of road safety lessons, according to the age of the children, in order to ensure a practical impact instruction, then visible in their road conduct.

Save the Children Romania organization is a non-governmental organization, of public utility, non-profit, which since 1990 has been active activist for the rights and protection of the child in Romania.

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