Toxic pregnancy

Toxic pregnancy


- My question concerns the toxic pregnancy. So far I have had some pregnancies, which I have not kept, but all showed symptoms of toxic pregnancy (vomiting, sickness and dizziness manifesting permanently). I mention that my mother had a toxic pregnancy with me, a pretty ugly form. What should be done in cases of toxic pregnancy?


About Toxic Pregnancy or Trimester 1 Disease

Toxic pregnancy is a disturbance that occurred during the first trimester of pregnancy, due to changes in the woman's body by the gestation state. The causes of this condition are not known exactly, but it is assumed that neuro-hormonal changes would be involved in the first place.
In the case of this condition, the attitude is aimed at achieving 3 points:

  • hygienic-dietary treatment (the first measure being the isolation of the pregnant woman from the family environment, which is achieved by the hospitalization during the treatment period. Then it is intended that the foods that are administered to the pregnant woman are fresh, feeding itself as natural as possible; to achieve a proper pregnancy hydration )
  • fighting vomiting which can be obtained by administering drugs that do not interfere with a good later development of the pregnancy and implicitly of the fetus (for example Plegomazine, Emetiral);
  • eliminating the existing metabolic imbalances by administering infusions to supplement the lost substances.
  • If there is a risk of evolution to a serious condition characterized by irreversible metabolic imbalances, pregnancy can be indicated by uterine discharge.

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