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Little London invests in education

Little London invests in education

Little London remains a brand in education. After an investment of 300,000 euros in the location, this fall the school received in its banks the first generation of students for the high school cycle. This is the first of the three objectives of the development plan, which has been achieved. In the future, Little London aims to create a training center for teachers, which will be recognized as a good practice model in Romania. It is also working on updating and adapting the Romanian program in accordance with international models.

"The school is in the process of expansion. After the inauguration of the new headquarters in 2012, with a first investment of 300,000 euros in location, we intend that by 2015 we will cover all education cycles," says Luminita Macsim, founding member of Little London School. "We will continue the development of the school, which we estimate will amount to 500,000 euros, and we will support the development of the maximum capacity of the Little London project with investments of 2,000,000 euros," adds Luminita Macsim.

With a capacity of 360 children, from class 0 to grade 9, Little London School promotes 21st century education. The learning act is perceived as pleasing, challenging and motivating. The personal, social and emotional development of the students is one of the main goals of the school. Students are constantly involved in educational projects along the learning units, educating their language, training their curiosity and creativity. Also, a strong emphasis is placed on the movement, through curricular and extracurricular activities (dance clubs, sports).

Little London is an educational institution authorized by MECTS in which the teaching of the Romanian program is made to international standards, always following the best practices in the field. According to the principles of the school, it is important for children to follow an educational system adapted to the current and future society, which will provide them with the necessary tools to answer tomorrow's questions, not just the answers to today's questions.

Little London is a brand in education built in 10 years with a lot of passion and energy and that ambitiously continues its school and kindergarten projects.

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