Meet Dusty, the main character in Planes

Meet Dusty, the main character in Planes

Every year we can hardly wait for the holidays and summer, but this year we have a very good reason to look forward to autumn, because it starts in a lively and cheerful tone, with the launch on the big screens of a new Disney animation - "Planes" ("Airplanes"). The animation has premiere on September 6, 2013, will be available in 3D version doubled in Romanian and is the continuation of the beloved animation "Cars", but this time the characters, some funny airplanes, are racing through the clouds, and not on the ground.

The main character of the film - Dusty Crophopper (Stropi Agrarescu) - is a small plane with big dreams: he wants to compete in a famous air race, only because his fear of heights stands in his way. We let you find out from the movie who helps him turn his dream into reality, but until then, we invite you exclusively to universal Planes.

Each week you will find the description of a character in the movie. We encourage you to get to know your children from now on with the nice airplanes, to have time to make friends.

We start, of course, with the main character, Dusty


Original voice: Dane Cook

Dusty is a plane with high expectations - on its own. An ultra-easy to spray crop, with a single propeller, imagines far ahead of its heroes flying above in an international race. It is not built for airplane racing, but that does not stop him from following his dream, though the fear of heights might discourage him a little.

Helped by his friends, but also by a very wise veteran of World War II, Dusty takes off for the adventure of his life by going propeller-in-propeller with the other champions and daring to reach heights he doesn't even hope for.

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