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The most beautiful girl names

The most beautiful girl names

Choosing the name for the baby to come to the world is always a difficult one. There are so many beautiful names, so you can hardly decide which one to choose.

If you have a girl and you have not yet decided what name to put her, we come to your aid with a short list of the most beautiful girl names:

shot - name of Greek origin, meaning "sincere".

Amelia - comes from German and means "work, hard work".

Ana - name of Latin origin, comes from "channah", Jewish name which means "favorite grace".

Aida - means "first daughter" or "the one of the royal spouse". "Gift", "reward" and "distinguished" or "help" are other meanings of this name.

Alesia - comes from Alexandros, Greek name meaning "protector".

Alma - name of Latin origin, derives from the word "almus" and means "friendly", "kind", "soul", "nourishing", "cute".

Catalina - from "aikaterine", Greek name meaning "pure".

Crina - from "christiana", Latin name meaning "the descendant of Christ".

Catinca - Greek name, derived from Ecaterina.

Camellia - comes from the camellia, the Romanian form of the flower discovered and named by the botanist and missionary Georg Josef Kamel.

Berta - comes from an old Germanic name, which derives from the word "berht", meaning "shiny, glorious". The German word has often been used in the composition of other similar names: Bertold, Bertrand.

Daria - name of Persian origin. comes from the old Persian language meaning "he who possesses goods, he who maintains good".

Dalia - name of Scandinavian origin, meaning "valley".

Ema - Romanian name, abbreviation of the first name Emanuela or Emilia.

Eve - biblical name, which means "mother of the living". According to the Old Testament Eva was the first woman on earth.

Elisa - Hebrew name that comes from Elizabeth. It means "dedicated to God."

Eveline - Celtic origin name meaning "Light".

Fiona - Irish origin name meaning "beautiful, attractive".

Gloria - Romanian name meaning "honor", "brilliance", "renown", "glory".

Geanina - Greek name meaning "God is power".

Gilda - comes from the German word "guild", which means "sacrifice".

Ilinca - from the Hebrew expression which means "the answer of the Lord".

Ina - German name, in the Romanian language can be a hypo-choristically from the first name ending with -ina, -ena.

Irma - German name that represents a form derived from the masculine Irmin, ancient Germanic god of strength.

Ivona - comes from Latin from Ivo, Ivonis, Ivoni and Ivonem.

Ilona - Hungarian version of the name Elena. Jewish etymology by the name of Ilana, meaning "tree".

Ines - name of Greek origin, meaning "pure, clean, cast" and even "holy".

Iris - comes from the Greek "iris", which means "rainbow".

Jasmine - is an oriental name and means "jasmine".

Lia - Greek name, which means "good news bearers".

Lucia - Saint Lucia was a martyr of the 4th century. It was worshiped in the Middle Ages and its name has been used throughout Christian Europe, and its meaning is "Light".

Lidia - Greek name, which comes from the toponym Lydia, a small state in the west of Asia Minor, the first name indicating the local origin of the carrier.

Lelia - the variant of the name Eulalia, which is made up of two Greek words: "I" which means "good, good, correct" and "lalein", which means "to speak".

Mara - Hebrew name, based on the adjective marah - bitter.

Medea - comes from the Greek Medeia and means "to meditate" or "serenity".

Melisa - comes from the Greek language and means "honey".

Milena - feminine surname of Slavic and Czechoslovak origin. It means "favored" or "mercy". Milena is the "merciful one".

Nadia - Russian name, which comes from Nadejda - "hope", appeared in the old Slavic language.

Simona - Hebrew name, meaning "listener".

Sofia - Greek name, which derives from the word sophiea - "wisdom".

Valentina - name originating in Latin, derived from the word valens - "strong, vigorous".

Taisa - Greek name that comes from Thais, in Greek "thea" meaning "which attracts the eye".

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