Child accommodation in community

Child accommodation in community

Tips offered by psychologist Cristiana Haica, expert Pampers

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To be taken as a community, it is not enough for the little one to be smart, to catch up fast, but above all to be sufficiently physically and psychologically mature for this.

Entering the nursery or kindergarten starting at a young age (most kindergartens accept children in a small or junior group from 1 and a half years old) is a very important stage of evolution in the child's life, which he and his family will remember. all life. It is the beginning of the small community's life, we say about it "it has become big". Being the first step towards real independence and integration into his generation, this step must be very well prepared.

How do we prepare the child for entering the community?

It would be good if the preparations were started some time before the child entered the community:

  • First of all the beating - we walk with the child near the nursery or kindergarten and we watch the children playing, we enter to visit the building with the little one.
  • Secondly, the shopping list for the nursery or grades (whether it's clothes, backpacks or colored pencils) should be made in the presence of the child and I would even say, if he is not too tired, he will be with us when we take them . Of course we slip a toy among them, to make the package more attractive.
  • The next step would be to look for the company of children who already attend kindergarten or kindergarten and are adapted - we can ask them how it is there, what happens, what toys they have.
  • Perhaps the most important step is to prepare the child cognitively and collectively. That is why I propose you to set up with 2-3 weeks before the beginning of the church or kindergarten an awakening program at one hour as close to the one as when you will wake up, a morning program when you will color together, you will read a story or a poem, you will look and discuss the pictures in books with animals, birds, fruits and flowers, you will build or paint the table, you will model with the child.

Then, at play, you will start to pay more attention to how the child relates to others and what you find to be inappropriate will have to start correcting. Maybe now you think - the nursery or kindergarten does not teach him these things? No, because there are other things to offer to the child, all these relate to the education in the family, which even if it is consolidated by the nursery and kindergarten, if this education is missing at home, it is not enough what it does in the community.

Unfortunately, many parents consider that institutions are responsible for the education of their children, their duty as parents being limited only to giving birth to children and eventually buying them clothes, food and toys. Unfortunately, the effects of such thinking will be borne by us all when the children of these parents reach adulthood.

  • We must also take care of our concerns, especially ours - if he gets sick, if he cries. All these concerns are transmitted to the child and create a state of anxiety which - as a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is respected - will make it very difficult to accommodate the community.

How do we get the baby in the community?

  • We can do the house-nursery or kindergarten route and back for a week or two daily stroll, during the summer vacation, eventually entering the yard or playground.
  • We make the backpack as for the nursery or grades: with water, sandwiches, a card and a pencil, a toy and we leave with him in the morning in the park, even if we do not use anything there.
  • We try to make friends early, in the park or on the street between the children with whom he will be a colleague; it is much more comfortable for the child to recognize some of the playmates in the group.

How should we behave when the little one starts to work in the community?

  • Make sure you have met the staff and that the little one feels comfortable in their presence. Discuss with your educator and nurse, but not in front of the child, your main fears and the difficulties your child has - related to health, behavior, emotional manifestations, language.
  • Be aware of the problems related to separation (separation anxiety) that your child has and differentiate them from the ones you have and induce them! There are moms who unconsciously create problems for accommodating the child because they have a problem with separating them.
  • Be proud of your child going to kindergarten or kindergarten and tell everyone, because it really is a very important step in his maturity, so the little one will understand that he is not there to get rid of him.

For the first day in the community

  • Prepare everything the day before - clothes, backpack, flowers, so as not to create agitation in the morning of the first day.
  • Take a small toy from home - the presence of a familiar object gives the child a sense of security in the new environment.
  • Orient the little one in the new environment - spend as many minutes as possible with him in the classroom, to get to know his educator, to interact with the few children he knows beforehand. Show her the toilet, the wardrobe with clothes.
  • If he is anxious and clinging to you, do not ridicule him or quarrel with him, remain cheerful and tell him that you will return quickly to take him at the end of the program.
  • Say goodbye - short and cheerful. Remind them that you will not be late and you will come and take it when it is finished. You will not go back to see what he does after you say goodbye and do not sneak into the hall or by the window to see what he is doing.

Preparatory activities for the child to enter the community

Only the one who is not a parent does not know how stressed and worried you are when your child detaches from the house and those close to them to enter the community. In order not to have too much on your head before the little one starts the nursery or kindergarten, you could schedule the preparatory activities for a long time before:

  • Check the health of the child - the vaccinations - to be made and passed on the necessary registration certificate, make some analyzes that will verify the current health status.
  • Try to meet the most important people in the nursery or kindergarten - the educator, the optional teachers, the director, the nurse, the caregivers and talk to them about the possible difficulties that the child has.
  • Remember to note in the registration form how you can be contacted in case of emergency and alternative numbers if you are unavailable or the phone is closed.
  • Start practicing certain routines (schedule) with your child - lesson time, meal time, sleep and wake up schedule.
  • Discuss with a psychologist before this big change in the life of the little one if something special happens in the family - divorce, the birth of another child, leaving one of the parents abroad.
  • Label all the clothes and belongings belonging to the child, which you will take to the nursery or kindergarten and read the regulation, to know what not to give to him.

It is very important at this age that the used diaper does not disturb the little one. He will need a diaper to cope with his dynamism: thin, super absorbent and flexible, very close to the lightweight of the pant, to give him freedom of movement and protection at the same time.

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