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How to find a good babysitter?

How to find a good babysitter?

If you are just starting a babysitter search, don't panic! There are many ways to find a qualified person to take care of your child. A very good strategy is to rumor that you need a babysitter in your social circle, you can also call babysitter agencies or online services, newspaper ads or forums are available.

How do I choose a babysitter?

This depends on the needs of each family. In case the baby has to sit alone with the babysitter, start with someone old enough and mature to handle it. According to the American Red Cross, parents need to find someone younger than 11 to take care of their child.

But some experts are more careful and say that a child is not qualified to care for another child if he is not 14 years old. If you found someone, talk to that person, watch how they interact with the child, and then decide for yourself if he is the right person.

Of course, age is not the only factor. If the person found is an adult, the greatest concern should be their experience with the children and the relationship you establish with them. When you call a babysitter agency, ask more questions, such as how long that person is working with the children, the age of the children he / she has been with and what responsibilities are involved.

If your child is a baby, make sure that the person you are employing has enough experience with children of this age, whether he / she wants or has taken resuscitation courses or first aid. Above all, you should make sure that the child will never shake or hurt your child in any way.

Before going out the door, you need to make sure that the person who stays with your child is trustworthy and is able to react in the event of an emergency or at least know who to call should any problems arise. the nature.

It is also advisable to impose certain rules of the house, so as to make sure that the babysitter respects both your home and your personal belongings. Some of these can be imposed according to you:

watching TV
• dishwashing after meals
• smoking and prohibited drinking
• prohibit the bringing of foreign persons into your home without your consent

What questions should I ask the babysitter?

After you have covered all the general information, such as requesting references or discussing the program and your free time, it is advisable to find out more about the person's experience with the children and his / her emergency training. In addition to resuscitation, ask if the person is able to handle the case if the child drowns or fires. Then, investigate how they behave with children and what their experience is with them in detail. Do children like it? (of course the answer will be yes, so you should ask questions that require more complex answers such as: "Why do you enjoy working with children?" or "What do you enjoy most about babysitting?"

Last but not least, find out what their habits are: if they smoke or drink. If language is important to you, be aware that you should not speak inappropriately with the child or listen to a certain type of face-to-face music with the child, and be sure that you have mentioned the rules regarding television in the evening or talking on the phone with friends.

How do I establish a good relationship with my babysitter?

Treat the chosen person to look after your child with respect - this could be her first job and she wants to be treated as an adult - Do not ask her anything other than what you first discussed. It is not her job to wash clothes, clean the kitchen, iron clothes or any activity that could distract her from the care of the child. However, on the other hand, it is expected that you will find out what you use in your absence.

Specify what you think has done well. This will increase his confidence and he will handle the same attention or more with his tasks. You will understand much better how you want to behave with your child.

The key is to make her feel appreciated and wanted at home. The fact that you entrusted the care of your child already says a lot, but it is important that you do not take the relationship with it for good. Make sure you know how much you value her work - if she is your favorite babysitter, tell her this! If your babysitter feels respected and appreciated, she will respond in the same way to you, but also to your child.

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