6 solutions to get rid of fleas

6 solutions to get rid of fleas

Fleas are a nightmare for any family. Although they are hated by everyone, these insects can appear anytime in your home, because they multiply very easily and parasitize on warm organisms, especially those of animals.

If you face an invasion of fleas in your home and have children at home, there are natural solutions that can help you get rid of them very easily and quickly.

Here are some of the most effective natural solutions to get rid of fleas:

Plant sprays against fleas

To prepare this spray you need:

- 4 liter vinegar

- 2 liters of water

- lemon juice 400 ml

- Hamamelis - 250 ml

Mix all these ingredients and put them in a spray. Before using it, you must vacuum the house very well, especially the carpets and upholstery. Also, wash at maximum temperature all linens and clothes. After washing, wet clothes and surfaces should dry in the shortest time. Fleas are attracted to moisture.

For large carpets, parquet or floor tiles it is advisable to use a mop or a hot steam cleaning device. The steam temperature destroys any microbes or insects in the home.

After you vacuum, spray spray antipure on carpets, furniture, parquet and every corner of the house. Continue this process for 7 days and you will surely get rid of these unwanted insects.

The salt

The simple salt of the kitchen can be a reliable ally in the fight with fleas. It dehydrates and dries flea bodies. You can use both table salt and sea salt. It is important that it be as smooth as possible.

Sprinkle salt on the carpets and in all rooms. Make sure it covers evenly. Let it work for a day or two, then suck well.


Mint is also a quick solution to get rid of fleas. You can use any variety, either European or American mint. But be careful if you have pets in the house, because peppermint oil is harmful to them.

Crush the mint and crush it until the oil comes out of it. Put the obtained pasta in a gauze and hang it in the rooms of the house. You can also use dried mint leaves. Put them in bags on the floor, but be careful that pets or children do not come in contact with them.


Rosemary can be used to keep fleas away. It does not kill them, but only removes them. Rosemary can be used both as a powder and as an oil.

How do you get rosemary powder?

First of all you need:

- rosemary

- ginger root

- pelin

- grind

- Mint

Mix all the ingredients and crush them in the mortar or grind them until they become a fine powder. Spread the powder all over the house, whether on carpets, furniture, or on your pet's bedding, sills, or wherever you think fleas might hide.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil is one of the oldest and most popular anti-purifying remedies. This is a harmless oil, which is not toxic to animals or humans. Lemongrass oil effectively repels insects; such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mosquitoes or any other insect.

To remove the flea, just wash the floors with this oil.

How do you prepare citronella oil?

- citronella oil - 20 drops

- tea tree oil - 10 drops

- Geranium oil - 5 drops

- hot water - 3.8 liters

Vacuum the entire house, then wash all floors with this oil, with warm water.

In the first days, wash the floor daily with this scented water. In the next few days, you can wash the floor only once a week, to keep away from fleas and mustaches.

Flea traps

To get rid of these unwanted insects, you can also use a trap. Place a bowl of water and a few drops of dish detergent next to a lamp. Turn on the lamp at night. Fleas will be attracted by the light and heat of the bulb and will jump into the water vessel to get closer to the source. But be careful if you use a candle. Be careful that this does not remain unattended during the night.