Baby play by age

Baby play by age

The game plays a very important role in the development of the baby, a different one depending on the age of the baby. Each resource that the child uses during the game participates in the development of intelligence, bodily coordination, fine motor skills and even self-esteem. Play is the way a child gets to know the world and grows big and strong, with a smile on their lips.

Each age is different for babies, and this applies to the shape of the game. Here's how the child's abilities change with the passage of time, in relation to the way the games are played!

Ball game

Of all the new, sophisticated and technological toys, the ball remains one of the favorite and fascinating toys for babies. In fact, parents often notice that their little ones tend to attach themselves to classic, banal toys, instead of constantly returning to complex ones.

The ball is a classic, versatile toy, with which the baby can play anywhere and anytime. She accompanies the child on the long journey to maturity, from the first months of life to adolescence.

At the age of 6 months, the child begins to gaze at the ball and touch it with the handcuffs. He is impressed by the texture of the surface, so it is ideal to offer one with protuberances.

When you're 12 months old, the baby can already roll the ball from him to you, adoring this extremely fun game for him.

By the time you celebrate 18 months, your puppy may already throw the ball well and hit it.

At 2 years, he can kick and pass from one leg to the other, following that at 3 years he can move the ball to a predetermined target, without problems!

The game with wooden cubes

Wooden cubes also remain basic toys for babies, managing in their simplicity to arouse the interest of the little ones to know the world and the primary physical phenomena.

At 6 months of life, the children begin to muffle them, rotate them in handcuffs and even hold them.

At one year, nothing compares to the joy of your little one to hit one cube of the other, to delight in the specific vibrations and sound.

From 18 months, the small builder can already place 2-3 cubes on top of each other, and at 2 years old he can build tall models, as his coordination improves.

At 3 anisors, the game with wooden cubes allows the child to create structures that resemble landscapes from reality, such as fortresses, bridges or tunnels.

The game with pencils

The pencil game starts around the age of 12 months, when the baby can hold the pencil between his thumb and forefinger, to piss on the paper (otherwise, he probably likes to use it on the irresistible mole).

At 18 months, he will use his pencils to imitate your drawings, if you want to give him a motivating example. From 2 years, the child can draw alone on a sheet, being inspired by reality.

From 3 years, the little one can copy the shape of a circle or square, but also draw various human anatomical parts. Also during this period, it begins to recognize the different shades of the pencils and to associate them with the elements of nature.

The game with plush animals

The little animals also take a new face during the game, depending on the age of the baby. At 6 months, a fluffy teddy bear is interesting to the little one in terms of texture: he likes to feel it in his mouth and to poke it in his hands.

From 12 months, the extra pet has already become a companion that the baby carries with him and asks for comfort (especially before bed). At 18 months, the child begins to associate the animal with the reality and to grind, to bark, to mow, depending on the identity of the toy.

From 2 years, the child will introduce the little animal in various games of his imagination, pretending to feed him, treat him to the doctor or walk him in the park. Since 3 years, Mr. Teddy or distinguished Mrs. Fulga is already a true friend, to whom the preschooler confesses every time he wants to have an imaginary conversation (another game useful in the emotional development of the little ones!).

How has your baby's game changed as it has grown? Tell us your beautiful story in the comment section below!

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