From wishes to limits ... to the Parents' School - Family Studio!

From wishes to limits ... to the Parents' School - Family Studio!

On Saturday, September 23, we met in the first group meeting at the Parents' School. Starting from knowing a little about each other and talking about our children, we slowly approached the theme we had set ourselves - the desire.

The desire of the child, the desire of the parents for the child to do certain things, to be in a certain way, to become intelligent, creative, hard-working, communicative, to handle the kindergarten, to make friends, to learn well ... Although the parents' wishes there are many, we tried to get into the skin of our children and talk about their wishes. What do our children want? Not only from Santa Claus or from the Fairy Maseluta, but especially from us - their parents, from communicating with us, what they want us to tell them, to teach them, what they want to ask us.

Naturally, we have come to how we reconcile our desires with theirs, how we feel the children's wishes and… .what we do when we cannot satisfy them! From what we were almost children, naming our wishes as parents, children, children we were ourselves we grew up suddenly, raising the issue of limits in communication but the child. What desires do we satisfy, what are our limitations, theirs ... Do children need boundaries to grow? How do we manage to establish them? How do we communicate them? What do we do when the child does not respect them? Or when it causes us to break them? Do we respect the limits? When were we children respecting them?

There are questions that many parents ask. Questions that may not receive an immediate or complete answer but which in turn give rise to other questions. Trying to answer them, listening to the answers of other parents, we still discover something about ourselves as parents, from our children, from the children we were once.
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