Trends in children's fashion in 2013

Trends in children's fashion in 2013

The main trends in children's fashion in 2013 are lively. The outfits are very colorful, optimistic, attracting all eyes.

General trends in children's fashion 2013

Children's fashion 2013 brings a breath of freshness and a bold, imaginative look. The outfits are playful, full of color, with many designs and prints. Children's clothing pieces are decorated with multifaceted elements.

Some of the most daring colors in fashion for children in 2013 are purple, emerald green, neon pink, green and phosphorescent yellow. These are counterbalanced by the light gray and blue, to which are added white, olive and khaki.

Among the materials in the fashion trends for children 2013 are taffeta, tulle, spandex and cotton.

Trends in fashion for boys in 2013

In 2013, the fashion for boys includes comfortable and modern outfits, represented by shirts, sweaters, jackets, cardigans, shirts. Many blouses and T-shirts have cartoon prints.

At the bottom, the outfit is complemented by pants and jeans. In 2013, children's fashion is still focused on the needs of a period of financial crisis. For this reason, the clothes in the trends are the ones that can make various outfits. For example, a trouser is ideal to be matched to several shirts and blouses.

The color palette for boys is formed in 2013 from: gray, purple, red, black, green.

The footwear for boys has a modern look, it keeps warm in winter and ensures a good ventilation in the warm season. The fashion for boys in 2013 focuses on accessories, such as hats, scarves, sunglasses, gloves, caps.

Two-piece suit

The two-piece suit has colors in fashion in 2013, red and gray, as well as a pattern with inscription. The blouse is at the level of the neck, with closure on the shoulders, and the trousers are comfortable, with elastic at the waist.

Price: 42 lei

Dress the boy

The vest for the boy can be made of cotton. With a bold color, the jacket is suitable for spring-summer outfits, and can be worn with various blouses and shirts.

Price: 67 lei

Trends in fashion for girls in 2013

The 2013 fashion for girls includes white dresses, with many ruffles and flowers, adorned with silver or purple stones. The bows are fashionable in 2013, they are caught in the middle, front, back, chest, hair etc.

The used dresses are princess type, with tulle skirt. Regarding the light outfits for girls, in 2013 are wearing jeans, warm sweaters and accessories such as bags, gloves, hats and long scarves.

The color palette includes combinations of white-silver, white-purple, white-black-blue, red-blue-black. The girls can adopt classic, sporty outfits, in blue with white or bold outfits, with yellow jackets and multicolored blouses. When the outfit is very colorful at the top, in the bottom are pants or skirts in neutral colors such as gray.

The clothes for fashion girls in 2013 have many prints, from abstract to geometric and animal prints. Cotton summer dresses and blouses have butterflies, kittens, oversized flowers or tigers.

Orange dress

The orange dress for girls is a good choice for a casual outfit. The green bows, the applications with ruffles and multicolored sequins make this dress a fashionable item in 2013.

Price: 44 lei

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