3 reasons why it is good to have only one child

3 reasons why it is good to have only one child

The decision to have only one child continues to not be seen with good eyes in contemporary society. Although, some states prohibit or charge the appearance of a brother or sister in a family with a child, the concept that a single child is a "spoiled" and "lonely" person still persists.

And yet, if you have decided that you do not want to have more than one child, you should not feel guilty.

Here are some reasons why you should have only one child!

A unique child is a child who feels loved

From a psychological point of view, a single child has every chance to benefit from a harmonious emotional development, in the context in which his parents do not have to offer the affection of several children, risking giving birth to jealousy.

In other words, a family with one child can give the child all the attention and love necessary for its proper development, without such an attitude to mean the over-indulgence of the child.

At the same time, if you have only one child, you are more likely to understand and respond to the emotional needs expressed by your child, than when the baby has brothers or sisters. This aspect is all the more important as the cognitive and emotional development of a child is closely linked to the understanding, love and attention that they enjoy from the first moments of life.

A single child is a better cared child

A unique child allows you to invest not only more time, but also more financial resources in its care and training. The arrival of a new family member in the world brings with it no negligible costs, which grow exponentially when a brother or sister appears.

Without being a selfish reason, but on the contrary, giving up the family and investing the financial resources in raising a single child proves beneficial for the proper development of the junior.

In fact, argues Bill McKibben, in the book "Maybe One: An Envirnomental and Personal Argument for Single-Child Families," studies have shown that little ones without brothers or sisters have better results in school, especially in subjects like math and math. literature.

Also, they are shown in the same book, as long as they are provided with the right environment and are encouraged to socialize, single children make more friends than those who have siblings. In order for all of these positive aspects to manifest, parents should make sure that they provide their only child with ways to offset the benefits they would have if they had siblings.

Thus, the single child should be helped to get involved in activities with other children - either by joining a sports team, for example, or by organizing frequent events at home, where the child has guests.

However, a single child must learn to discover his or her own creative resources when alone, to combat boredom. Do not hesitate, therefore, to allow them to be home alone, when it becomes bigger, for the junior to succeed in feeling excellent and on his own, not just in the presence of family and friends.

A unique child gives you time for yourself

Last but not least, choosing to have one child gives you more time for yourself, for your own needs, desires and personal and professional development.

Without feeling the guilt of not wanting to have more than one child, the conscious decision not to raise your family allows you to enjoy more free time, to relax and to be happy because , then, you can deal with fresh forces and positive energy from your loved ones: husband or partner and the only child.

In fact, even the time spent with your loved ones can translate to much more relaxing moments, when your concern and attention are directed to a single child and his needs.

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