Over 120 years of science for happy and healthy babies

Over 120 years of science for happy and healthy babies

Once you become a parent, everything becomes new, and proper baby care is one of the biggest challenges. Every moment spent with the new born is important, every touch helps the baby adapt to another environment, to know and understand what is happening around him.

For over 120 years, JOHNSON'S® Baby has been studying babies, developing special, clinically tested products that contribute to the proper care of the skin and to the harmonious development of the little ones. The inheritance and expertise of JOHNSON'S® Baby have helped to create products that comply with the quality standards, ensuring the benefits that the baby's skin needs. In Romania, JOHNSON'S® Baby is recommended by the Romanian Pediatric Society.

The science of the senses and its role in the harmonious development of the baby

In the first years of life, the baby knows the surrounding world through the senses, which help him step by step to discover everything new around him. Following research over the years, JOHNSON'S® Baby has found the importance of sensory stimulation in the growth of a baby. For example, everything a baby feels, smells, hears, and sees helps to build synaptic connections and brain development.

The baby's senses are still a kaleidoscope of feelings, sounds, smells and tastes, since birth, sensory contact is the main way in which the little ones know the world.

Studies show that through consistent multi-sensory experiences in the first few months of life, babies gain long-term benefit, from stress reduction and better sleep quality, to longer synaptic connections.

Based on this science, JOHNSON'S® Baby has created special products that will transform every moment of care into an experience of the senses and at the same time, into an opportunity for learning and knowledge for the newborn.


The baby products JOHNSON'S® Baby are made with the care and attention that the little ones need, so that they can contribute to their development even from the first moments of life. TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION ™ certification is JOHNSON'S® Baby's commitment to providing safe and gentle care and protection for baby's skin and hair.

Passing a series of rigorous tests, each product is efficient, delicate and safe, based on specially developed formulas, with a minimum number of ingredients needed to ensure the desired benefit.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Shampoo

The first step to a multi-sensory experience is the baby's bath. JOHNSON'S® Baby shampoo with its unique formula WITHOUT LACRIMI® is as delicate to the eyes as pure water. Therefore, it is ideal for cleaning baby's hair, it rinses easily, leaving the hair fine and soft.


After the bath, the care routine continues with a massage, each given an opportunity to stimulate the baby's senses. Newborns' skin is dehydrated much faster than an adult's skin, which is why JOHNSON'S® Baby oil is specially made to create a skin protection barrier. The product is suitable for baby massage.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Gentle Wash Lotion

JOHNSON'S® Baby The delicate washing lotion, with an original formula, ensures the hydration of the baby's skin with every bath. Its unique aroma bath foam helps stimulate the senses of the little one.

JOHNSON'S® Gentle All Over Baby Wipes

JOHNSON'S® Gentle All Over Baby Wipes are parents' trusted partners, and they should wear them every time in their bag.

They contain the formula WITHOUT LACRIMI®, which helps in a gentle cleansing of the body and eyes. Napkins are also enriched with JOHNSON'S® Baby lotion containing up to 97% pure water. They do not have alcohol and soap, they are hypoallergenic, with a clinically proven delicacy. Napkins are recommended for the complete cleansing of the baby's skin.