6 recipes only good to prepare on the heat

6 recipes only good to prepare on the heat

When outside temperatures exceed the thermal comfort threshold, the last thing you want to do is to heat the oven and cook. Fortunately, there are plenty of recipes that you can prepare quickly when you do not want to spend much time in the kitchen.

Here are 6 recipes only good to prepare on the heat:

Summer salad with avocado and green beans

If you stick to the figure, avocado salads are ideal for slimming easily, while also eating saturated. This fruit contains mono-unsaturated fats from the category of essential fatty acids Omega-3, very useful in weight loss. It gives you a feeling of long-term satiety and "teaches" your body to extract its energy from fat, escaping such collages from the abdomen and fins.

Studies have shown that monounsaturated fats are especially useful for those who have a surplus of fat per waist. In addition, avocado helps lower cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. It also contains L-carnitine, an amino acid that contributes to the conversion of fat into energy and is useful before training. The same fruit is rich in potassium, magnesium and B vitamins. They prevent fluid retention in tissues, eliminate stress and improve metabolism.

Prepare a salad of half of sliced ​​avocado, boiled egg, canned green beans, boiled, cooked cucumber and sliced ​​red tomatoes, a teaspoon of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Green beans can also be replaced with red beans or lentils. For a refreshing taste, you can add a little lemon juice to the salad.

Pasta with avocado pesto sauce

The pasta is extremely simple to prepare, you just have to boil it in salted water, for about 10 miracles, depending on the type of flour they are made from. Classic spaghetti takes 8 minutes to boil, while fusili and whole pasta are ready in 12 minutes.

As for pesto sauce, it is extremely simple to prepare. For two servings of spaghetti, you need a good baked avocado, lemon juice, a little olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, fresh basil and a garlic puppy.

Cut the avocado fruit in half and scoop out the core with a spoon. Put the avocado pieces in the blender and add the rest of the ingredients over the fruit. In a minute, everything is ready. Add the avocado pesto sauce over the ready-made pasta and enjoy this healthy and also silhouette-friendly recipe.

Chicken salad with avocado

Here is a delicious recipe based on chicken breast, ready in 20 minutes. To prepare it, you need:

- 2 pieces avocado;
- a piece of chicken breast;
- 2 boiled eggs;
- 150 gr of cheese;
- an onion.

The salad dressing can be prepared from mayonnaise mixed with a teaspoon of mustard berries, a teaspoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of garlic and any other seasoning you like (pepper, parsley, salt, etc.).

To start, cut the avocado fruit in two, remove the seeds and cut the core into cubes. Roast the chicken breast in a Teflon pan, then chop it into cubes. Add the cheese slices, the sliced ​​onion and the avocado core. Finally, add the dressing, mixing it with the rest of the ingredients. Put the salad in a serving bowl and decorate it with pieces of finely chopped egg, red pepper and a few green parsley leaves.

Smoothie with yogurt and berries

Many people do not design their mornings without a cup of coffee. Although it is rich in antioxidants, coffee is not recommended on hot days. Instead, you can enjoy a delicious smoothie with berries, refreshing and full of vitamins.

Mix in a blender a cup of berries, a banana cut into pieces and 200 grams of yogurt with 2% fat. You will get a consistent paste, rich in antioxidants and full of taste. Serve this smoothie before you go to the beach or pool and you will feel full of energy as you swim 10 laps of pool.

Strawberry and banana milkshake

What could be better in the afternoon snack than a refreshing milkshake?

Pour in a blender a cup of fresh strawberries and a banana broken into pieces. Mix the fruits until homogenized, then add 150 ml of cold milk over them. You can put a little honey, if you feel the need for a sweeter taste. Put in a tall glass some crushed boots, then pour the milkshake into the glass. Hang a strawberry lipstick, infuse a straw into the milkshake and savor this delicious drink.

Salmon fillets with steamed rice

The healthiest dinner you can serve in summer, on hot days, is the one made of fish dishes. And because you do not want to make a sauna in the house, going to the oven, the easiest thing is to prepare everything for the steamer.

You can cook both fish and rice at the same time. Here's what ingredients you need

- two pieces of salmon fillets;
- 150 g of long grain rice;
- 40 gr of butter;
- spices: sea salt, ground white pepper, dried basil, a mixture of Mediterranean herbs and a knife tip of sweet pepper.

Wash the rice well and place it in the special steam cooker. Add a little salt, peppercorn, a little white pepper, a little Mediterranean herbs and butter. Then pour the water into the steamer and set the timer of the appliance to 30 minutes. Season the salmon with salt, white pepper and basil. After a quarter of an hour, put the salmon in place of the rice and move the rice bowl over the fish. Leave everything to steam for another 15 minutes.

Once the stopwatch is off, serve everything sprinkled with a little lemon juice. You can also prepare a white sauce with a lot of basil, and add it over salmon. Enjoy this dinner with a glass of white wine or Sangria, it is a great fit.

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