2 million euros invested in the first year of the program A chance for your family!

2 million euros invested in the first year of the program A chance for your family!

The socio-economic program "A chance for your family!" started by Danone Romania, together with the Heifer Romania Foundation and with the support of the investment fund Danone Ecosystem, ends the first year of implementation with notable results for the participating communities: 170 pregnant cows arrived at the new owners, and the communities were endowed for the first time in Romania, with 16 milking stations to ensure the best quality of the collected milk.

Launched in October 2012, "A chance for your family!" it is addressed to smallholder communities in areas with low development potential, encouraging them to partner in order to have profitable businesses in the long term, through the production of good quality milk. The basic idea of ​​the program is "DAR DAR DAR": gestating cows are offered to families who do not have the opportunity to invest in the purchase of a breed animal. The first calf born, in turn, will be offered to another family. Thus, the initial gift will multiply and the chain of beneficiaries will increase. The program also includes a training component of households on the health, nutrition, care and milking of cows, to obtain milk according to the quality requirements of the European Union.

"In our factory in Bucharest we make fresh milk yogurt collected daily from farmers in Romania. Therefore, Danone is constantly investing in supporting local milk production through different programs. To support small family households in their efforts to produce more milk. of better quality, Danone launched the project "A chance for your family!" We are glad that this program contributes to increasing the well-being of the communities by offering free breed cows and milking stations and we are confident that we will have more milk in the future. good for our products from these communities, "said Dieter Schulz, Danone General Manager for Central and Southern Europe.

The video story of this double project, to encourage the production of quality milk and social development of the local communities, you can follow it below.

The investment so far is over 2 million Euros, 170 pregnant cows being given to families from 3 communities: Zimnicea (Teleorman county), Belin (Covasna county) and Cocorastii Colt (Prahova county). The investments will continue in 2014, the plans being to increase the quantity of milk collected by Danone.

For the first time in Romania, 16 mobile milking stations were purchased and installed within this program, which ensures superior milk hygiene conditions, as well as cooling and storage tanks for milk, which are used jointly by all households in the community. .

"A chance for your family!" is a pilot program, which runs for 3 years. In total, 800 low-income families will benefit from animals, equipment, training, on the "Dar din Dar" principle.