Desert mask from Milk Core and candied fruits

Desert mask from Milk Core and candied fruits

There are several areas in our country where the tradition of preparing masks for winter elongation and spring calling is still maintained. Today we propose a fun dessert for children, in the form of a mask that we hope will bring us the long-awaited spring.


Delaco Miez de Milk Natur
entrées and apricots
simple, round biscuits

Preparation time

5 minutes

Method of preparation

To prepare this nutritious dessert, cut the milk core into equal slices and use the toothed edge. Cut the apricots into two equal parts, so you get two circles, which will represent the language of the masks.

To mount the mask, start with a round cookie, over which you arrange the slice of milk core (bottom teeth), then the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčapricot (tongue), a piece of walnut (the mask will look like eating nuts), another slice milk core (top teeth) and finally another cookie.

Above the last biscuit sits a stem, exactly in the middle, and to the right and left it sits two pieces of apple (the eyes), in the middle of which you inflict a piece of snail (pupils).

Cut the lid of the orange and make a few cuts along it. Cut 2/3 of the orange core, so that it can be placed on the head of the mask. One of the slices of shell will have to be positioned on the eyes of the masks and will have to bend it, thus forming a brace.

The mask is ready, and your little one will definitely be super excited about this snack!

Source: delaco.ro/masca-desert-din-miez-de-lapte-si-fructe-confiate

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