Shopping for newborn

Shopping for newborn

The long-awaited purchases for the newborn are some of the most exciting preparations for future parents. Even if the enthusiasm overwhelms you, the child grows up pretty quickly in the first months of life, so you don't need to buy many clothes.

There are, however, a few pieces of clothing that should not be missing from any baby's wardrobe.

Here are some of the clothes you should buy for your child!

The first clothes of the baby

Children's clothes are very cute and the temptation is great when you go shopping, but it is important to consider when choosing clothes for your baby, that they are comfortable and made of quality material.

In addition, before dressing the little one with new clothes, it is advisable to wash them so as to prevent rashes. So, from birth, the baby had to have a wardrobe with essentials.

Here's what the baby wardrobe should include for the first month after birth!


Your child should have 4 to 6 wardrobes in the wardrobe, which can be short and long sleeves, can be closed laterally, in front or in the back. In addition, t-shirts are a much better choice than body ones, until the baby falls on her tummy.

Body sites

The bodies are endless in the wardrobe of a newborn. They are the items of clothing he receives most often when he is young. In the first month, it is good for your baby to have 3 to 4 bodies.

They can be with long or short sleeves and pants and close between the legs. These clothes are an inspired choice, because you will be able to change the baby's diaper more easily.


From the wardrobe of your baby should not miss the jumpsuits. It is good for the baby to have 3-4 thick or thin overalls, depending on the season.

They are very comfortable, they are closed with staples between the legs and give the baby mobility. Just like the bodies, the overalls allow you to change the baby's diapers, without too much effort.

Night shirts

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies wear nightgowns instead of pleated. Thus, the baby will be much more relaxed and will feel comfortable.

I sighed and kicked

It is also good for the baby to have 3-4 pairs of socks and booties in the wardrobe. These should be large enough to keep the little finger from tightening. Because the baby is constantly moving, it is advisable to buy socks with an elastic band, because they fold better on the child's foot.

It is advisable not to warm the baby with shoes until he / she learns to walk, as they can prevent the development and growth of the baby's feet.

Caps and hats

Both hats and hats will help your baby to feel comfortable whether you are indoors or outdoors. In addition, they will keep them warm. In the first month, it is good for the baby to have 1-2 models of hats and hats.

Bunk beds

The baby needs to be wrapped when he is young, which is why - depending on the season in which he is born - the baby needs 1-2 beds.

What clothes did you buy for your baby for the first month? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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