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Pregnancy with ribbon

Pregnancy with ribbon


- On 06.09.2006 I was carried out a curettage for the pregnancy stopped in evolution at 13.4 weeks. In the background I had 2 pregnancies stopped in evolution, one at 16 weeks and another at 12 weeks. I have a 4.6 year old child who is prefectly healthy but that pregnancy was also circumcised and I was born at 37 weeks. I would like to know what analysis can be done before another task in order to prevent a possible pregnancy with problems.


First of all, you should present to the family doctor the results of the anatomopathological examination performed (if any) from the product collected at the curettage. In addition to interpreting the anatomical-pathological result, it should also recommend a series of general investigations to identify any current health problems.
An endocrinological consultation is desirable (there are endocrine imbalances that are incompatible with normal pregnancy support and development). Also, a series of infections, of local character (genital organs) or of general character, can prevent the development of a pregnancy. A genetic consultation, if deemed necessary, may be indicated by the family doctor.

With the identification of the causes that lead to the evolutionary cessation of pregnancy (even repeatedly), an effective therapeutic behavior can be established.