Creative Christmas Ideas for All Kids at Mini Project 13

Creative Christmas Ideas for All Kids at Mini Project 13

Creative Christmas Ideas for All Kids at Mini Project 13

The newest platform for Holidays for the little ones starts on November 2, 2013

CREATIVE ARTS (, together with the creator (, organizes starting Saturday, November 2, at 11:00 am, at the headquarters of the creation - Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of the Municipality of Bucharest (Bucharest) , Alexandru Lahovari Square no. 7, section 1) a platform of 13 workshops for the little ones, with the theme of winter holidays, meant to prepare the little ones for the most creative Christmas.

With the help of the Creative Arts trainees, the participating children will experience paper techniques, creative recycling techniques and handmades, making toys, greeting cards and decorations for the house and Christmas tree.
The creative recycling workshop - balloons from bulbs on November 2, 2013, at 11:00 am, represents the first workshop on the Mini Project Project 13 Christmas platform, 13 workshops that will be held every weekend at the creation site, on November 2 - December 15, 2013.
We continue on Sunday, November 3, also from 11:00 am, with a workshop on paper techniques - globes and garlands of colored paper.
Each trainee will have at his disposal the necessary tools and materials (recyclable materials, colors, colored cardboard, textile material, beads, etc.) necessary to be able to realize the objects we have proposed. The workshops are held against a participation fee ranging from 25 to 40 lei.

The program of the whole workshop platform

November 2 - Creative recycling - balloons in bulbs
November 3 - Paper techniques - snowflakes

Mini Project, program 9 - 10 November

Creative Arts (, together with creat ( will be waiting for you this weekend from 11:00 am, at the creat headquarters - Creation, Art and Tradition Center of Bucharest Municipality (Bucharest, Alexandru Lahovari Square no. 7, section 1) with the following activities:

November 9 - Creative recycling - decorations from buttons and zippers - 35 lei (minimum age 4 years)

November 10 - Paper techniques - Christmas cards - 25 lei (minimum age 4 years).

November 16 - Handmade - felt decorations
November 17 - Creative recycling - decorations made of clothes cloths and ice cream sticks
November 23 - Paper techniques - decorative fir
November 24 - Handmade - polystyrene balloons decorated
November 30 - Creative recycling - dolls from socks
December 1 - Creative recycling - installations
December 7 - Handmade - garland
December 8 - Creative recycling - balloons and jars
December 14 - Handmade - globes from beads
In parallel, from November 10, from 2:00 pm, the sound workshop "Little music, little noise!" supported by Sasha Liviu Stoianovici, music trainer within Creative Arts. The workshop is structured in 3 weekly sessions of 45 minutes, is held only on Sunday between 2:00 pm and 2:45 pm and will be held as follows: on November 10 and 17, the first meeting, on November 24 and December 1 the second meeting and the days of December 8 and 15 the third meeting.
The sound workshop aims to develop the child's auditory perception, as well as its familiarity with musical instruments, with a strong focus on enriching the communication skills of the participants.
The course will have a free approach to sound, being a pretext for developing the child's creativity.
We will experience a little the relationship between sound and images, we will tell about some traditional instruments from us, but also from other parts of the world - cobza, whistles, tilinca, buhai, drama, gong, the course being completed with a small concert.
Details and descriptions of the workshops, as well as costs found on


The workshop will be held at the headquarters of creation - Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of Bucharest (Bucharest, Alexandru Lahovari Square no. 7, sect. 1)
Recommended age for participants: between 3 and 12 years, depending on the complexity of each workshop.
Deadline for registration: 1.11.2013, 8pm
Course duration: maximum 2 hours.
The registration and obtaining of other information can be done, between 10:00 and 20:00, by e-mail or telephone at [email protected]; 0721.321.890;

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