Spa, beauty through balance and relaxation

Spa, beauty through balance and relaxation

What is a spa?
The spa is first and foremost a space dedicated to regaining well-being, where we seek to find our balance.

The spa is associated with the notion of balance and relaxation that differs from the beauty center, where we first go for beauty.

Even if the two are complementary, they are not part of the same register.

Day spas in cities, which have long existed in North America or Australia, are beginning to develop in Eastern Europe as well. The spa is like an alliance between skin care and the search for a state of well-being and relaxation.

Today life is much more stressful than it was for our parents. That is why we need our time for "detachment" to "take care of ourselves".

From the simple shower gel, the bubble bath to the relaxing virtues of a day spa we start to use the term more and more spa. Although very few know exactly what this word means.

The spa is first and foremost a top center where holistic and cosmetic care is compulsory as the book competes with the professionalism of the reception.

The first ones to build such centers were the Greeks near the rivers as a place of balance between spirit and body. Their neighbors, Romanians, followers of aesthetics, power and perfection, knowing the therapeutic virtues of the water build numerous fountains and splendid spas (baths in Caracola) under the motto: Sanitas Per Aqua.

Here, steam baths, aromatic inhalations and lavender oil massages relieve you of fatigue. Later, the tribunes set up their own spas at home.

But the decline of the Roman Empire will mark the end of hydrotherapy, which will regain its reputation only at the beginning of our century. Thalassotherapy centers are flourishing all over Europe.

But today's spa centers appear in the early 1970s in the US. Here, seawater transport and therefore thalassotherapy is prohibited by law, so an alternative to the traditional method is sought.

So the owner of a luxury hotel has the idea to arrange in the building a space for relaxation and beauty. He proposes spa-bath sessions, massages, manicures, hairstyles, thus appearing the first "amenty spa", which would translate to "institute equipped with bubble bath".

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