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Myth or truth about milk teeth

Myth or truth about milk teeth

All parents want everything that is best for their child, but sometimes fail to fully offer this because of myths that have long-term harmful effects on the general and dental health of the child. An example is the case of milk teeth, on which a series of widely debated beliefs have emerged over time.

Here are the myths about milk teeth and what is, in fact, the medical truth behind them!

1. When the baby's milk teeth erupt, he has a fever - MYTH!

Fever and diarrhea are not signs of dental rash in children. If these symptoms coincide with the exit of the teeth and are accompanied by altered general condition and, possibly, rash, then you should contact your pediatrician. The normal signs of the eruption are more abundant salivation, irritability, swelling and itching of the gums, which the child tries to soothe through the play of toys.

2. Breastfeeding is beneficial for jaw development - TRUE!

The effort to suck on the breast is greater than that of sucking on the bottle, which helps to develop the jaws. The baby is usually born with the mandible more in the back, and breastfeeding produces its advancement, reducing the risk of abnormal occlusion.

3. Natural juices do not harm the teeth - MIT!

The general belief is that only sour drinks are harmful to the teeth, but the truth is that, unfortunately, natural juices also affect the tooth through their content of acids (all fruits with a sour taste) or natural or added sugars. These drinks favor the extraction of calcium from the teeth and the appearance of decay and therefore it is advisable to consume them with straw and not in exaggerated quantities.

It is much healthier to consume fruits as such, because their chewing stimulates the development of the jaws, reducing the risk of dental clogging, while their fiber content slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.

4. Milk tooth caries should not be treated because they will change anyway - MIT!

Any tooth decay in the milk teeth is a reservoir of bacteria that will produce cavities and in the teeth of other teeth and in addition, these bacteria will be transported throughout the body. Caries advancement will cause the small patient pain, feeding difficulties, abscesses, possibly affecting future permanent teeth.

In addition, the extraction of tooth decay before the weather will allow the migration of the other teeth and occupy the place of the permanent tooth, which will remain stuck in the bone or leave in an abnormal position, requiring the wearing of a dental device for correction.

5. We have to wait for all the teeth to change to go to the orthodontist - MIT!

The first orthodontic consultation should take place with the eruption of the first permanent incisor. After the eruption of all the teeth, if the jaws have not been enlarged with the help of the dental device, it may be necessary to have permanent tooth extractions to align them on a small jaw. In addition, as soon as the orthodontic doctor discovers in an early stage anomalies of position and occlusion (bite), as well as habits that are harmful to the teeth, their correction will be easier and faster.

6. Dental floss is not used in children - MIT!

In order to remove food debris from the child's teeth, the parent can use a dental floss applied on a plastic support in the form of a saw (or sling), easier to handle than the usual dental floss.

The advice of the specialist doctor is necessary even when there is the belief that we have all the information on the aspects related to the health of the child. Only in this way can we keep her beautiful and healthy smile.


Article written by Dr. Mihaela Dan, specialist in orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics. Dr. Mihaela Dan graduated 18 years ago from the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Faculty of Dentistry, completing her studies with a 3-year specialization in orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics. During his 14 years of experience, Dr. Mihaela Dan has managed to bring the smile on the lips of thousands of patients, practicing his profession with passion and dedication. The desire for continuous personal development determined the constant participation in specialized courses in the country and abroad, as well as the establishment of the ORTO-IMPLANT EXPERT Clinic. The clinic brings together specialists in the fields of: orthodontics, dental-facial aesthetics, endodontics, surgery, periodontics, prosthetics, who carry out their activity under the guidance of Dr. Mihaela Dan. More information is available here.

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