7 toys for children with special needs

7 toys for children with special needs

Besides the specialized therapy that you do with your little autistic patient, there are numerous educational toys on the market that are aimed especially at children with special needs.

With their help, not only will you feel that you are fighting more easily in the fight with the disease your child suffers from, but they will help the little one to develop their psychomotor skills and abilities faster than you expect. Through the game, your dear treasure retains much easier the learned things.

Here are 7 toys for children with special needs!

Construction kit "LEGO DUPLO"

The large parts of the Duplo game are perfect for children with special needs who have not developed their motor skills. They can thus hold them in their hands and unite them to create various forms with which to learn mathematical concepts.


Plasticine ice cream set

Another educational toy, this plasticine set is perfect for children with Down syndrome. They can make various shapes from colored plasticine, squares and circles to decorate ice cream.

The set is provided with several glasses and shapes for a variety of models, from cakes, to fruits and vegetables, hearts and stars.


Musical toys

Drum, guitar, piano, drums, tambourine, xylophone etc. Just about any loud colored toy that makes noise is the perfect incentive for little ones with verbal communication problems.

They are easier to express with the help of sounds and music, so these toys are recommended by speech therapists in particular.


Sister dolls Tura - Vura

Tura-Vura dolls are excellent for improving girls with motor skills. They can dress and undress as they please, thus exercising their hand-eye coordination.


Magic ball

Magical Vtech Ball has the sounds and tunes in Romanian language and is designed for children over 6 months old. It is an excellent toy for children with Down syndrome or autism, who can learn various sounds, from songs to sounds produced by animals, just by pressing the buttons.

The ball is equipped with a motor that makes it roll itself while playing songs. It gives the child a long time fun.


Skill game "Screws and nuts"

This game consisting of screws and large nuts is another good toy for children with special needs. The pieces are easy to handle and to be grasped by the little ones, being extremely useful in developing the skills of manipulation, as well as in those concerning the eye-hand coordination.

The set contains 72 pieces (36 screws and 36 nuts) of durable plastic, in 3 basic geometric shapes - circle, square and triangle.


Plastic car without pedals

It moves with the help of its own feet and moves where it wants with this car. Therapists recommend this type of toy for children with delays in motor development. It is suitable for children between 18 months and 4 years.


What toys do you use in developing your child with special needs? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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